Sex on a Family Vacation

Family vacations are great.  Really great.  Really. They provide precious opportunities to bond with your children in a way that is tough in the day-to-day busyness of our lives.  And they can be fun. Especially as our kids get a bit older we are experiencing some wonderful adventures together. But.. and by saying this I … Continue reading Sex on a Family Vacation

Considering a Sexy Vacation?

Can you imagine anything better than a five star Caribbean resort, sipping cocktails on long white sandy beaches, opulent cuisine?  Well, imagine it, and layer on top ... everyone is naked or near naked, there is a 60 person clothing options hot tub, a sexy disco and a 'playroom' where couples or groups can go and.... … Continue reading Considering a Sexy Vacation?

Sex and Business Travel

Both my wife and I travel for business… we’re not 100 day/year travellers, but between the two of us, we are probably on the road at lest four or five days a month. And while its true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is equally true that repetitive nights home (or on the … Continue reading Sex and Business Travel

4 Things You Will Notice in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

My wife and I recently returned from a  trip to the Netherlands. We love Amsterdam - the compact urban design, beautiful fit people, liberal ideals, the 10:1 ratio of bikes to cars, the museums, the European culture (although the coffee was surprisingly so-so) And the Red Light District.  This is often a polarizing issues - … Continue reading 4 Things You Will Notice in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

What Makes a Sex Show Sexy?

Arriving back at our hotel in Amsterdam, just having seen one of Amsterdam's infamous sex shows, a question runs through each of my wife and my minds -- was that sexy? For those not familiar, Amsterdam's red light district boasts three 'world famous' sex shows -- all within a block of one another in the … Continue reading What Makes a Sex Show Sexy?