Sex on a Family Vacation

Family vacations are great.  Really great.  Really. They provide precious opportunities to bond with your children in a way that is tough in the day-to-day busyness of our lives.  And they can be fun. Especially as our kids get a bit older we are experiencing some wonderful adventures together. But.. and by saying this I … Continue reading Sex on a Family Vacation

A Series of Unlikely Heroes and Role Models: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus probably doesn't show up on many heroes' and role models' lists.  But after this  interview on Zach Sang's YouTube Channel, you may change your mind. I've always liked Miley. I've always found her refreshing in her openness, I love her ownership of her sexuality and she has an enviable ability to reinvent her music and … Continue reading A Series of Unlikely Heroes and Role Models: Miley Cyrus

Trickle Down Sexonomics

Remember when Ronald Regan used trickle down economics to assure us that the massive tax cuts he was giving corporations and the wealthy would 'trickle down' to low income people as the rich spent their extra money. It didn't really work.  But last night a friend of proposed a much better use of the trickle down … Continue reading Trickle Down Sexonomics

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex

If you're a parent these days, its easy to get worry.. hook-up-culture, sexting, tinder.  You'd worry your kid was hooking up with every Tom, Dick and Sally in town. Well, a new survey - a good one, from a reputable academic - published in a 1st tier journal, and with 33,000 respondents - has found … Continue reading Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex

A Scary New Online World… or is it?

My daughter's school had a guest speaker in recently speaking about the dangers of online predation.  She was a policy investigator specializing in online predators and, after hearing her speak, I was terrified. The stories she told about older men trying to entice young girls on line to send pictures, meet.... It was really scary … Continue reading A Scary New Online World… or is it?

The Rich Drive Differently Than We Do

Have you ever felt that the rich are different?  Not just materially, as in the cars they drive and where they live and vacation.  They're different in subtle, almost imperceptible ways... a sense of confidence, an arrogance. Want proof?  Join me someday at my daughters' private school at drop off time.  Normally my kids bike … Continue reading The Rich Drive Differently Than We Do