Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

In the fantasy recesses of my mind, the idea of video sexting always intrigued me.  Having a glass of wine and chatting sexily as we watch each other become aroused... I like the idea. I was never under the illusions that it would be easy.... keeping a sexy banter and discussion that is stimulating for … Continue reading Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

When Sex Stops

  I have often said that sex in a relationship may not be all that important, but the conditions that make you want sex in a relationship are critical.  As I approach mid-life, I am seeing more-and-more often, couples who are no longer wanting to have sex in their relationship.  And the results are devastating. … Continue reading When Sex Stops

Your First Threesome

Everywhere you look these days, people are talking about open relationships, swinging lifestyles, monogamish-ness… Sexual openness and sexual experimentation are hitting the mainstream and everywhere you look – from university campuses to nursing homes – sexual adventure is coming out of the closet. Which brings us to one of the most universally desired – yet … Continue reading Your First Threesome

Finding Your Sense of Community

Who is in your community?  To whom do you each out to when you want fun, support, sympathy.... A good friend just spent a long, difficult week with her family.  Her overwhelming feeling was that, despite their history, her family was neither her support network nor her friend/fun network.  And as her kids have gotten … Continue reading Finding Your Sense of Community