A Book Of Firsts, Part 3: Learning an Instrument (not that one)

Saying I am unmusical is like saying Donald Trump is un-classy... it kind of goes without saying. I was the kid in music class who was hidden in the back row and told to 'just mouth the words'. In the it came time to pass out instruments ... triangle. So, when I signed my kids … Continue reading A Book Of Firsts, Part 3: Learning an Instrument (not that one)

Weekends With The Guys

I am in process of (maybe) agreeing to a ‘boys’ weekend’ with my old college friends. This is not something I undertake lightly... weekends are precious. Despite what hundreds of buddy movies would have you believe (think Hangover), a weekend with your old college buddies is not necessarily a roller coaster ride of hilarity, hi … Continue reading Weekends With The Guys

What’s On Your Bedside Table?

When I used to interview prospective job applicants, one of the questions I often used was “what is on your night table beside your bed?’. What I was looking for is whether there were multiple books that they were concurrently reading, a bunch of electronics… etc. The idea was to get a sense of whether … Continue reading What’s On Your Bedside Table?

Yet Another Reason to Drink Wine

Science is awesome... especially when it validates our vices. With wine, things keep getting better and better. First, The Mayo Clinic reveals that red wine can reduce the risk of health disease. And now the the Yale School of Medicine says that wine may help make is smarter as well. It's a little complicated but apparently wine, in order for … Continue reading Yet Another Reason to Drink Wine

When does it Become Prostitution?

A close female friend of mine recently announced to be that she wants a 'patron'. She was referring to victorian times, when most of the major artists and entertainers had someone who provided for them financially, so that they could be free to work on their craft... be it painting, music, writing. My friend is a … Continue reading When does it Become Prostitution?

Would You Try A ‘Nakation’?

The number of Americans taking naked vacations is on the rise. While the numbers are, admittedly, pretty hard to nail down and verify -  according to a TripAdvisor survey, there has been a significant increase in the number of people that would consider, and are actually indulging in, naked vacations. Is this surprising?  That more … Continue reading Would You Try A ‘Nakation’?