The Bachelor Party Renaissance

My first bachelor party... I'm 19, and a friend had unexpectedly gotten his girlfriend pregnant was getting married.  The bachelor party - a suite at the Holiday Inn, a stripper (at the time I had no idea strippers did house calls) and a bathtub full of beer.  At that point in my life I had … Continue reading The Bachelor Party Renaissance

Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

In the fantasy recesses of my mind, the idea of video sexting always intrigued me.  Having a glass of wine and chatting sexily as we watch each other become aroused... I like the idea. I was never under the illusions that it would be easy.... keeping a sexy banter and discussion that is stimulating for … Continue reading Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

Are you BIG enough?

Guys care about the size of their penis.  A lot. I'm reading Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are, Looking at big data derived from internet searches, the author develops a very sophisticated understanding of what we really care about. And men are absolutely obsessed … Continue reading Are you BIG enough?

The Sexual Evolution of a Relationship

Here's an interesting exercise. Think back to you in your 20s (assuming you are not still in your 20s) ... what kind of sexual person were you then.  And how have you evolved into the sexual person you are now? My wife and I did this last night. It was a special anniversary for us … Continue reading The Sexual Evolution of a Relationship

Restaurant Tipping: Who Does it Best?

When you leave your 10, 15, 20, 25% tip at the end of the meal, do you ever wonder if you're being generous enough... or too generous?  I have? A new study out of Princeton looked at the tipping patterns of different demographics.  The results are a little surprising. The best tippers are male Republicans (shocking to … Continue reading Restaurant Tipping: Who Does it Best?

Is It Better With Three? – Yes… I’m talking about sex!

Is there any fantasy typically more male than the FFM threesome?  For those not up in the terminology, this is a sexual threesome amongst 2 girls and 1 guy.  It is so quintessentially 'male awesome' that you may be surprised there is anything to to write on it - from a guy's perspective - aside … Continue reading Is It Better With Three? – Yes… I’m talking about sex!

The Art of Intimate Conversations?

Talking about sports, your kids, what's good on TV these days... that's pretty easy. But having real conversations where you really get to know another person... way harder. I recently bought a book called "How to Fall In Love With Anyone".  It's by the author, Many Len Catron, who was known for her list of … Continue reading The Art of Intimate Conversations?