What’s On Your Bedside Table?

When I used to interview prospective job applicants, one of the questions I often used was “what is on your night table beside your bed?’. What I was looking for is whether there were multiple books that they were concurrently reading, a bunch of electronics… etc. The idea was to get a sense of whether … Continue reading What’s On Your Bedside Table?

Admit It.. You Would Brag About It To Your Friends

Last weekend, concurrently in Hotels in London and Beijing, couples were evicted from their hotel rooms for 'creating a disturbance'... AKA... being too loud during sex. In Beijing, things really got out of hand when other hotel guests - being kept up by the loud sex noises coming from one of the rooms - started … Continue reading Admit It.. You Would Brag About It To Your Friends

Sexy Saturday Night Discussion Topic

As you prepare for your Saturday evening socializing, if you want to turn the topic of conversation to something a little sexier, consider... "What do you do to try to stay sexual?"  Lives get busy... sex and sexuality becomes harder to fit in.  It is fascinating to see and hear about whether people still try … Continue reading Sexy Saturday Night Discussion Topic