Etiquette on Exchanging Sexy Photos

If you're lucky enough to have friends with whom you exchange sexy photos: A) you're a very lucky person; and (ii) there are some basic rules of etiquette you should be respecting. So: Never re-share - this is a no-brainer. Never, ever show anyone else the photos that your friends have shared with you.. its … Continue reading Etiquette on Exchanging Sexy Photos

Hot Wifeing.. learning by doing?

I've always marvelled at the variety of activities that ring our sexual bells.  Over the course of my sexual life, I've met countless swingers (love 'em); a few couples who live in full time master/slave relationships (liked them more than I would have expected); a couple professional dominatrixes (really love them); and fetishists of almost … Continue reading Hot Wifeing.. learning by doing?

Pornsexuality – What Will They Think of Next?

There are a lot of sexual orientations.  The LGBT community has grown into the LGBTQQIP2SAA and I have heard podcasts recently that certain kinks may be tying to edge their way into sexual orientation status. I recently heard a new one - Pornsexual.  This is a person who is more attracted to pornography than they are to … Continue reading Pornsexuality – What Will They Think of Next?

Not Only Will I Live Forever… Apparently I’m a Genius

I wrote a post recently citing a new scientific study that found men who look at women's breasts live longer.  Well, in the spirit of citing scientific evidence that supports exactly what I want to hear... There is now solid scientific evidence that staying up late, having lots of sex and use of recreational drugs … Continue reading Not Only Will I Live Forever… Apparently I’m a Genius

Too Stressed to F&*K?

There has been a lot of attention paid recently to studies coming out showing that Millennials are having less sex than generations that came before them.  The results of new surveys are pretty clear: those in relationships are having historically low amounts of sex; and those not in relationships are not hooking up much. On the … Continue reading Too Stressed to F&*K?

A Book Of Firsts Part 1 … Sex From Sunset to Sunrise

As we age – whether we’re in our 30s, 40s, or beyond – it’s important to remember that the time for new adventures and experiences need not come to an end. In that spirit, I’ve decided to do a series of blogs on ‘firsts’. These are experiences I have either recently had in my life, … Continue reading A Book Of Firsts Part 1 … Sex From Sunset to Sunrise