What’s On Your Bedside Table?

When I used to interview prospective job applicants, one of the questions I often used was “what is on your night table beside your bed?’. What I was looking for is whether there were multiple books that they were concurrently reading, a bunch of electronics… etc. The idea was to get a sense of whether … Continue reading What’s On Your Bedside Table?

When does it Become Prostitution?

A close female friend of mine recently announced to be that she wants a 'patron'. She was referring to victorian times, when most of the major artists and entertainers had someone who provided for them financially, so that they could be free to work on their craft... be it painting, music, writing. My friend is a … Continue reading When does it Become Prostitution?

Float Therapy… or ..spending an hour in a dark tank of water ‘relaxing’.

In our eternal quest for new ways to entertain ourselves, my wife and I have 'float therapy' a try this weekend. What is float therapy, you may ask.  The officials line is "Floatation therapy happens within our state of the art sensory deprivation or isolation tanks – constructed to remove external stimuli like noise, light, odor and … Continue reading Float Therapy… or ..spending an hour in a dark tank of water ‘relaxing’.

Happy Endings

What comes to mind when you hear about a happy ending massage? Probably a sleazy strip mall, a dimly lit 'massage parlour', lonely men... especially the lonely men. Well, it turns out happy ending massages aren't just for the guys. Esquire Magazine did a fascinating profile on two women who received happy ending massages. And not in … Continue reading Happy Endings

Time For Pleasure

I received an email today from an over-busy, over-programmed friend complaining about how over-busy and over-programmed her life is. She has reason to complain. Her kids are in a lot of stuff, she has a part time business that eats up a lot of time and energy and she is not all that well organized, … Continue reading Time For Pleasure