I Can’t Believe I Missed National Orgasm Day

Was you calendar marked?  July 31 was National Orgasm Day.

I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea there was a National Orgasm day, let alone when it was.  But, being late to the party, I will say that I am thrilled there is such a day.  I hope everyone celebrated it well.

A few ideas, if you missed it, to make up for the missed opportunity:

  • if you’re alone, make tonight a ‘love yourself well’ night.  Dedicate the evening to your favourite solo erotic pass-time, be it porn, erotica or just alone with your own erotic imagination.
  • if you are partnered, have a special sexy Tuesday night.  Its easy to allow the weeknights to pass us by. Don’t. Open a bottle of wine and make tonight a sexy night
  • if you’re kinky, plan a make-up-national-orgasm-day party next weekend.  Invite some sexy friends (if that’s your thing) and let lose. Give it your best orgasmic effort.

We celebrate flag day, founders day, pretty much everything Jesus ever did (or did not) do.  Yet few things give more simple pleasure than the orgasm. I’m so happy its day has come (get it… come).


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