Living Life .. don’t let it pass you by

I will (somewhat proudly) admit to suffering from a severe affliction of FOMO (fear of missing out). I’ve written on this theme before – we all have a limited number of active years in our lives and we want to cram as much living into those years as possible.

So, when my wife and I take a week off, we really like to cram a lot of things in. Our vacations may not appear relaxing (they actually are to us, but I can understand people feeling otherwise) but they are certainly filled with about as much as can humanly be packed into the time we have.

This summer we are only taking two weeks of vacation (one last week and one at the end of August). In our 9 days, as a family, we summited three mountain, mountain biked, rock climbed, saw some professional tennis and learned to slack line. As a couple we had two sexy evenings with friends, went to a really classy strip club (very fun), had an amazing date dinner at a wonderful Portuguese restaurant, and tried to have intimate couples time every evening after the kids went to bed. And, on my own, I read two great books about heroes of mine in the environmental movement.

It was a good week.  And it made me reflect on how precious these weeks of vacation are. Over the course of your adult life, during the period you are vibrant and active, you have likely 30 years, with (I’m guessing) two weeks a year where you can do whatever you want (I’m assuming a certain amount of our vacation is taken with extended family obligations and such). So, this is a mere 450 days over the course of your life to absolutely kick the ass out of life… to live those adventures that simply will not fit into weekends or weeknights.

So.. the questions… are you getting as much from your vacation time as you could?

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