What Your Emojis Say About You

I did an informal survey recently… over the course of a couple days, I asked about a dozen friends and colleagues if I could see their phone and look at what their most frequently used emojis were. My theory – the emojis you frequently use will give an insight into your personality and mood predisposition.

So, was I correct… could we infer something about people from the emojis they use most? A resounding YES. Generally, I found 6 broad segments of people:

  • the smiling devil, the dragon and the cat with lovey eyes 😈 😍🐉 – These are my favourites. They scream of sexual edge and naughtiness. They are likely the people who secretly go commando at work or are reading erotica at night. They tend to have happy, adventurous lives (in my little sample) and great sex lives.  Sometimes they can seem a little silly, but they make an effort to try to push the envelope and provoke… I love them.
  • the smiley face 😊 –  there were a few people I spoke with who limit themselves to the smiley … and maybe the laughing face once on a while.  They are not super ‘out there’ in how they communicate with others, but they are trying to show a little lightness and personality.  In my experience, these tend to be somewhat introverted people who are making an effort. I love these guys too.
  • sad face, sad face, sad face 😢 –  I ran across a couple people who used the sad and crying faces almost exclusively.  The question of whether you can tell a lot about a person from their emojis… this is where it is most obviously yes.  They are sad people.  And I feel for them, and I especially feel for their need to bring that sadness into so, so many of their interactions.  Not being a sad person, I find this hard to relate to, but it does garner my extreme sympathy.
  • The clasped hand/namaste 🙏 –  This is a weird one, in my limited sample. I would have intuitively thought the users of this emoji were the most zen, at peace, loving souls. Nope.  In my small sample, these were the ‘angry judgers’.  The people who over-used this one (and there were only a couple) seemed to be uptight, self-satisfied, but angry at the world types who create an illusion of inner peace as a mask for their bitterness… I know this sounds harsh… but I’m just giving you the (limited) data.
  • non-emoji users – these are the old school, text-for-functionality types.  They are serious (often to the point of taking themselves too seriously), somewhat uncreative and non-risk takers.  I found a couple of these types at work and, true to form, they were good people but not ones I would normally want to have a beer with, but who I would certainly entrust to make sure our corporate books were balanced.
  • all emojis, all the time – these are my kids.. They almost speak in emojis and they use all of them for the ten billion emotions they are trying to convey at a time. I love them, but they confuse me (and I’m not sure where they find all these extra emojis!).

Now, I have a bit of a confession to make. Up until about a year ago, I had never used an emoji. As I started texting more with friends (especially my most fun and interesting friends), they started to creep into my vocabulary, and now I really love them. It’s a great way to convey a particular feeling or mood, and to transmit more subliminal messages. So I challenge you to find at least 2 new emojis you can start to use to shake things up a bit.


3 thoughts on “What Your Emojis Say About You

  1. Smiley face mostly, along with an occasional tongue-sticking-out, and that’s about it. Although I did use a “cow” emoji the other day to express exactly how much of a cow a friend of a friend was being.

      1. That was the first time I’d used it – it popped up as a suggestion on my phone after I used the word “cow” and I thought it was appropriate!

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