Getting your Kink on – a guest blog from my wife

A few weeks ago, in the midst of a steamy sex session, I called my husband “Sir” – to amazing results! To give a little context, I’m a very strong and confident woman, so subservience doesn’t come naturally to me. We have a very active and exciting sex life, complete with toys and story telling, but we have tended to shy away from role playing.

So – who knows where it came from – but when out of the blue I asked, “Do you like that, sir?”, it was something completely new for us. I could tell that yes, indeed, he liked it very much, so we kept going with it. Surprisingly, it felt empowering for me, seeing how excited it made him to have me work to please him. And, it didn’t take a lot of acting prowess to stay in the subservient role (one of my fears with role playing).

With this in mind, it seemed that a door had opened to a whole new world we could explore. The next week, I bought Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied to start learning about this world and planning our next excursion. It’s a great book that demystifies kink and gives you lots of ways to start exploring. I love how it gets you to really think about what turns you on (both the expected and the unexpected), and to realize that we’re each wired a little differently – which makes for lots of fun possibilities! Looking forward to many steamy nights ahead!!

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