A Book Of First 4: Wake Surfing

I started a short series recently on the importance of still being open to new experiences as we get older.  Some of my themes are sexual – and I will come back to that – but today I want to go more physical.

Wake surfing – surfing (on a surf board) in the waves created by the wake of a motor boat – has become quite a thing.  Its an amazing way for weekend warrior surfers to still surf when they are not ocean-side, and its a great way to make waterskiing or wake-boarding a little more challenging.

But its kind of a young man’s sports.  Like surfing, it takes pretty decent core strength, a good level of athleticism and coordination, and a spirit for adventure. That said, why do these characteristics tend to limit the activity to the young.

Last weekend, we were at a friend’s cottage. He is a big water-skier and he recently bought a small surfboard he wanted to use for wake surfing.  He asked my wife and I – half jokingly – if we wanted to try.

Neither my wife or I waterski – or really do any motorized boat activities – but we’re very fit, have extremely developed cores and coordination from rock climbing, and have surfed a bit. And it looked super fun, so we said we would give it a try.

Long story short – it rocked.  We both managed to get up on the surf board and surf in the wake.  We didn’t get to the point where we could drop the two rope and surf unaided (their boat was too small to create a big enough wake for this) but we were surfing well and loving it.

When we finished, both our friend and his wife were really impressed that we were willing  try this, given we’d never done it and – frankly – we’re not young kids anymore. Our approach, as with many things in life, was to embrace it and approach it confidently and with an open mind.  And it was awesome… it was a huge huge surfing up on the wake and feeling the power of the water behind you. Personally, I prefer surfing to wake surfing – by a lot – but living inland I only get to surf a couple times a year.  So.. new hobby found.


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