Restaurant Tipping: Who Does it Best?

When you leave your 10, 15, 20, 25% tip at the end of the meal, do you ever wonder if you’re being generous enough… or too generous?  I have?

new study out of Princeton looked at the tipping patterns of different demographics.  The results are a little surprising. The best tippers are male Republicans (shocking to me), who tip an average of 20%. Women tip on average 16% (personally, I’m not surprised its a bit lower). And Democrats tip an average of 15% (this disappoints me).

I had, for years, thought 15% was a fine and generous tip.  Maybe it was the custom of where I grew up but I knew no one who tipped more than that. But a few years ago I was travelling with a friend who was a very generous tipper. I saw the way people lit up when he tipped them well and unexpectedly.

And so, I decided, I would improve my tipping.  I now give 20% for good service (I think this is really good.. I know some tip higher) and I have started to tip a wider range of people for services they give. The result is, not surprisingly, very positive. I get impeccable service in hotels and restaurants that I go to regularly.  Not that this should matter, but we are definitely comped drinks much more regularly, which more than makes up for the extra tips we give. And we always get amazing tables at the restaurants we go to regularly.

But.. at 20%, I thought this made me a very generous tipper.  Apparently I’m merely average compared to your everyday Republican.  I guess I need to up my game.

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Tipping: Who Does it Best?

      1. Thank you. Waiters and waitresses should get paid more it’s already bad standing for hours then deal with picky customers

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