Binge-Watching: There’s an App For That

I’m not a huge TV fan, and the shows I watch… it takes me a while to get though them.  So when my daughter informed me that she wanted to watch all season 6 of Game of Thrones before the new season comes out on July 16th, I was… what’s the opposite of impressed?

How can you watch an entire season in just over a week?  Apparently very easily.  Thanks to, you can easily calculate how long it will take to watch any TV show or movie series you are interested in getting through as quickly as humans possible.

And this is huge.  Apparently it is a bit of a badge of honour to get through shows and seasons as quickly as possible. So, apparently there is another app under development that will allow you to easily synch this with you calendar to allow you to easily schedule your intense viewing time.


I guess this is the logical implication of Netflix… we can now access every episode of every TV show whenever we want it.  So much for delayed gratification.  Personally, my wife and I have a pretty hard and fast rule.  For shows we like, we will allow ourselves no more than one episode a night and no more than two episodes a week.  Like good sex, its better when you draw it out.

But drawing it out is apparently no longer in vogue.  Thanks to the bingeclock, my daughter informed me she could watch every episode of Game of Thrones – seasons 1-6 – in a mere 2 days, 11 hours.. maybe three days if she allows herself a little sleep.

Good to see the kids has ambition.

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