Too Stressed to F&*K?

There has been a lot of attention paid recently to studies coming out showing that Millennials are having less sex than generations that came before them.  The results of new surveys are pretty clear: those in relationships are having historically low amounts of sex; and those not in relationships are not hooking up much.

On the upside, we can finally put to rest the fear mongering nonsense of the alt christian right that this generation is a collection sex-craved, immoral, tinder-swiping, perverts.

But is certainly demands the question: why?  The study speculates, and as a father of two  gen z/millennials I have my own theories as well:

  • They’re always online – this is the main finding of the study… Millennials are spending so much time in snapchat, instagram, Facebook and YouTube that they have no time for sex;
  • They masturbate instead – this one is unsubstantiated and has been refuted. But the suspicion was that with porn so widely available. millennials – as lazy as they are – are choosing to masturbate to porn rather that have sex.  This turns out to be untrue – studies have found that people who masturbate frequently have more or less the same amount of sex as people who infrequently take matters into their own hands.
  • They’re just busy. This is my theory.  While Millennials are pretty open minded about sex, they have a lot of shot going on in their lives.  Work weeks are longer than ever before; to get a good job you’re suppose to work hard, have lots of hobbies, volunteer;  and they have killer commutes to work because they cant afford to live downtown.

I suspect Millennials would love to be having more sex, but they’re just too damned tired

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