Considering a Sexy Vacation?

Can you imagine anything better than a five star Caribbean resort, sipping cocktails on long white sandy beaches, opulent cuisine?  Well, imagine it, and layer on top … everyone is naked or near naked, there is a 60 person clothing options hot tub, a sexy disco and a ‘playroom’ where couples or groups can go and…. well, play.

I rarely promote other blogs.  But friends of mine are doing an amazing job chronicling their decision to start embarking on these sexy vacations and the experience they are having.

So.. I thought I would share

Steamy Vacations


7 thoughts on “Considering a Sexy Vacation?

  1. On my bucket list! (Well, if I had a bucket list…but you know, I just really want to go) 😀

      1. I agree! If I had a bucket list, 90% of it would be sex related. 😛 Well…at least 50%.

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