A Series of Unlikely Heroes and Role Models: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus probably doesn’t show up on many heroes’ and role models’ lists.  But after this  interview on Zach Sang’s YouTube Channel, you may change your mind.

I’ve always liked Miley. I’ve always found her refreshing in her openness, I love her ownership of her sexuality and she has an enviable ability to reinvent her music and style with every stage of her young life.  Even her excessive drug use and partying … she seemed like a happy/hippy out of control partier and druggie – I always got a sense that she could reign it in if necessary.

But her 2017 evolution… Nailed It! At 24 years old, she shows self awareness and maturity most people my age and beyond never achieve. And for teens struggling with balancing all the conflicts of present versus future that are so inherent in their lives… Miley… a great mentor.

A few highlights:

  • On being sober… she happily admitted that the first time she tried pot her immediate response was “how can to do more of this always (refreshingly honest) but said she is sober for now because while pot is great at keeping her OCD under control and making her a chill person, sometimes you don’t want to be too chill and need some of your OCD back… like when you’re putting out a new album. So, for now, she’s sober.
  • On moving in with her boyfriend (one of the Hemsworths) … she said she moved to Malibu and the beach for him but she’s opened her mind to it, came to appreciate many of the good things about being there and now she is there, with him, for her.  She was super articulate about it being ok to make big moves of changes for someone as long as they become something you do for you.. very sage advice.
  • On how she has changed from Hannah Montana to Party in the USA to Bangerz to her free 24-song psychedelic pop Dead Pets… and now the serene, reflective, slightly country Malibu – she loves music and has an admirable ability to pursue whatever she is loving.
  • has she changed?  Of course.  She says she always changing… otherwise she’ll be her dad.. terrified of change. She said she has a set of values that don’t change, but everything about her changes regularly and thats a good thing.

What I really love about Miley – she truly and honestly owns her vices and predilections and at the same time prideful balances those with her virtues and talents.

She is a full and genuine person and she really likes the full package of who she is.  And that’s a hard conclusion for many young people to arrive at… they dwell on their shortcoming and insecurities, allowing them to overlook all of their amazing qualities.  Miley is fully aware that she’s a complex person, but she nets out to someone she likes and can be proud of.

It certainly puts her on my heroes and role models list… our children (and ourselves) could learn a lot from this.



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