Apparently I’m Going to Live Forever…

.. because I like looking at women’s breasts.  Yes… that’s what I said.  Looking at women’s breasts can make you live longer… science says so.

study from Columbia University that was looking at the link between positive mental attitudes and physical health outcomes has found that having a positive attitude can make us healthier, help us live longer and better cope with pain.  And the most intriguing finding… finding little ways during the day to find pleasure – like staring at a women’s breasts – can significantly improve your mental attitude and improve your health.

In Columbia’s defence, the researchers were not specifically suggesting we all shod be googling women’s boobs.  They said that taking the time to appreciate and reflect on small, simple pleasures was all it took.  It was the creative commentaries on study that suggested boob watching as a great way to experience these pleasures .

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