Smoking a Legal Joint in Canada

Justin Trudeau, the new(ish) Canadian Prime Minster, has had quite a year in his quest of positioning Canada as the most liberal progressive country in the world.

Within his first month in office he moved Canada from laggard to leader in international climate change talks, leading global negations toward the most ambitious climate change deal in history. He hit full gender parity in his Cabinet and hit a home run on a health care deal with the provinces.

And now… Canada is on track to becoming the first G7 country to legalize marijuana at a national level. Yesterday, Trudeau introduced legislation that will legalize and regulate production, sale and possession of recreational-use marijuana.  And, by all accounts, the legal proposal is pretty sound: if you’re over 18 you can grow small amounts and posses up to 60 grams; sale will be regulated in a way similar to alcohol sales; there are strict limits on advertising, and possession by minors will be dealt with by ticketing.  The approach seems to capture well 50 years of experience in regulating cigarets and alcohol.

But hold on…. all this liberal progressive socialist bullshit must be destroying the economy… right?  Nope.  Canada has had the best economic growth in the G7 over the past decade, weathered the global economic meltdown better than any country in the OECD (granted that was under a conservative government) and the OECD forecasts Canada will have the best economic growth in the G7 over the next 50 years.

So, to those who say you can’t have economic growth, environmental protection and social progressiveness.. well… you can!

I’m not a pot user myself, but I know the science well enough to know where it sits on the spectrum of health risks.  This is – yet again – a bold and impressive move by Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau.

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