Bi-curious vs Bisexual – What’s the difference?

A Guest Blog by my Wife:

A girl friend of mine recently got into the lifestyle (that is, she and her husband started swinging). She is very bisexual, and had previously dated both women and men. She came over for a drink the other night, and wanted to share a discovery she’d made through the last couple of months on Adult Friend Finder (AFF) … in a loud stage whisper, she leaned toward me and said “Bi-curious and bisexual … not the same thing. Who knew?”

We had a good laugh over that, and it got me thinking about the difference between bi-curiosity and bisexuality. I’d say bi-curious women can be divided into 3 camps:

Camp 1 – This Feels Naughty and The Guys Like It

The title kind of says it all. These women are open to light experimentation because it feels like they’re doing something taboo, and they love the reaction they get from their men. They’re into kissing and fondling, but have NO interest in going further and never will. I’ve heard this called “Bi for Guy” because it’s all about the reaction. This is not the group my friend is looking for.

Camp 2 – Exploring Uncharted Territory 

This group of women have figured out somehow (let’s be honest … likely through porn) that they’re turned on by women, and want to explore this. As they start to play with other women, they’ll end up figuring out how much they like the experience compared with how much they thought they’d like it. Each person will end up somewhere on a spectrum ranging from “this is okay, but I really don’t want to touch someone else’s pussy, and maybe I’ll stick to fantasizing” to “OMG, women’s bodies are so sexy and this opens up a huge world of possibility and I want to try everything”. Admittedly, this isn’t a very refined spectrum, but you get the idea. This camp really doesn’t know what they’ll find on their journey, but call themselves bi-curious as the entry ticket that allows them explore, experiment, and figure this out. Some of these women would get along very well with my friend; others, not so much.

Camp 3 – Fighting the Label

The third camp are women who are at the far right of the spectrum I talked about in camp 2 (the OMG end), but who still shy away from calling themselves bisexual. They’re not comfortable with this label, and who can blame them … bisexuality still isn’t widely understood, talked about and accepted by society. So accepting this label proclaims that you’re not part of the mainstream, and this can feel uncomfortable for many people. But they love bisexual play in practice. Many women in this camp may one day graduate to calling themselves bisexual, but for now they play it safe and stick with bi-curious, a term that leaves you undeclared. This sub-set of the bi-curious may be tough to find, but are worth looking for!

The good news in all of this is that many women are starting to explore their sexuality, and are recognizing that sexuality is a continuous scale (not just straight or gay). Young people are way ahead in this: a recent YouGov survey ( asking people to place their sexuality on a scale of 0 to 6, where 0 is completely heterosexual and 6 is completely homosexual, found that 29% of millennials placed themselves somewhere other than 0 or 6 on the scale (i.e. indicated they have some degree of bisexuality), compared with only 8% of baby boomers. So while down the road we’ll likely hear the term bi-curious a lot less, for now it’s important to recognize it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and that’s okay.

So if my friend is looking for a true bisexual experience, she may need to ask a few more questions to figure out what camp the other person is in.


Forced Abstinence

4 days

Did you know that when you have a vasectomy you need to go 4 days without sex in order to have your semen tested to make sure it no longer contains sperm?

This means 4 days of forced abstinence.  Not to sound like a whining baby, but I’m pretty unhappy about it… and really wondering what lack of wisdom caused me to decide to do this over a weekend.. in spring. Is there any worse time to go without sex?

But it has caused me to think about a few things.  Firstly, non-sexual forms of intimacy… My wife and I had an awesome, fun, romantic evening last night.  Any other evening like this would certainly end in sex.  But last night we couldn’t.  So we had an awesome time but just made out and could not have sex.  A part of me says that was really nice.. another part of me (a bigger part) thought ‘boy, I sure would love to have sex right now’.

Secondly, and maybe this is good, does a short period of denial make the desire all the stronger.  I can say a heartfelt yes.  I pretty much take daily or near-daily sex for granted.  Having to wait for it has certainly built some anticipation… in both me and my wife.  And this anticipation is probably good for us… allowing the pressure to build will, I suspect, make the release all the sweeter.


Underwear — Optional?

My 13 year old daughter proudly proclaimed yesterday, in front of her grandparents, “I hate underwear… I haven’t worn any all week”.

I was wise enough to keep my mouth shut, but I don’t like underwear either. I don’t really see the point. It just seems constraining. And since I wash my pants after I wear them, the hygiene argument doesn’t hold.

So, in an age of modern clothes washing appliances, has underwear become obsolete?  Yes and no.

In the yes column, as a fashion accessory, I’m still a big fan. There is nothing sexier than a nice outfit with sexy underwear underneath.  Both my wife and I (her more than I) try to make sure that our underwear are sexy and slightly provocative… as part of the overall sexy package we try to present to one another.

As well, sometimes underwear are necessary to provide some discretion. I will admit, as I write this, I am wearing underwear.  The white linen pants I am wearing right now had a discernible bulge when I put them on this morning with no underwear… no one needs to see that outline all day as I walk around downtown.

And.. sometimes… comfort requires.  I’m told that sometimes, of women in particular, you need them??

But on the no… boring, sexless, shapeless underwear… why bother?  If you’re only doing it to add another layer… no need.


Sexy Science – Attractive People and Divorce

They say that good looking people get all the breaks.. the best jobs, the best sexual partners, the best service n a restaurant.

Well, it turns out they also get the most relationship instability.  A fascinating study by Christine Ma-Kellams at Laverne University asked 2 women to rate the attractiveness of 238 people based on their photos in old high school yearbook photos.  She then looked at the relationship history of these 238 individuals as their progressed through their lives.  It turns out that those ranked most attractive had a significantly higher rate of divorce, as compared to their less attractive classmates.

So, while the world seems pretty rosy for attractive people, there appears to be a downside.

It makes you wonder why attractive people divorce at such high rates.

I suspect opportunity has a lot to do with it.  Bill Maher, the comedian, had a great line – ‘men are only as faithful as their options.. his fidelity is probably less about his love for you as it is about the fact that no one else will fuck him.’ I suspect there is a lot of truth in that. If you are still attractive to other people and are presented with opportunity, you will avail  yourself to those opportunities.

I also wonder if the act of keeping yourself attractive makes you more prone to divorce.  This may be more of a stretch, but I suspect that those to work to be attractive do so, in part, from a personal ambition to continue to enjoy life.  They know that staying attractive opens all kinds of doors that are closed to those who ‘let themselves go’.  And some of the doors are sexual in nature. I’ve been accused of liking attractive people more than unattractive people.  And its true – I do.  But its not because of their attractiveness that I like them.  It is their quest for attractiveness that I like.  In my experience – and this is not a hard-and-fast rule attractive people – or at least people who consciously work to be attractive – are more energetic, adventure seeking and fun than those who are not.  And I love this.

So, it may not be surprising that attractive people divorce more. It is unfortunate, but it may simply go with the territory.


What is it About Sex Tapes

I hardly know who Misha Barton is.  Yet, I see a story about her having a sex tape leaked and I’m obsessed… Google Imaging her, looking up her IMBD videography, reading her bio and back story.

Why is it that someone who interested me not one bit is now my current fixation… only because she has had a sex tape come out.

So… she’s very attractive, has a decent career in TV and a little film.  She’s pretty generic by Hollywood standards I would say.

And, while I do want to watch the sex tape, I’m shocked by how interested I am in her beyond that.  And only because she now has a sex tape.

Choosing Happiness

I’m reading a book, The Happiness Advantage, that is built not the premise that our state of mind determines our success.  Simply put, happiness makes you successful, rather than the conventional belief that success makes you happy.

Its a non fiction book, full of scientific support – both theoretical and experimentally tested – that shows that people who are happy and/or focus on happiness are far more successful and fulfilled. The idea is that if we approach things with a happy and positive attitude, success will ensue.

An amazing example I read last night.  A group of 70 year old men spent a week at a resort that was transformed to 20 years in the past. The resort had newspapers and TV programs from 20 years ago; guests were encouraged to debate political issues they were engaged in 20 years ago, and they did activities they did 20 years ago.  Essentially, they were told to live like they were 50 years old, rather than 70 years old.  The findings were amazing.  Their health improved – 10% improvement in insight, improvement in cardiovascular health, they got physically stronger.  And mentally they were sharper, scoring better on standard tests’ their posture improved.  It was startling… by acting younger they become physically younger.

It caused me to focus on the importance of the attitude we bring into life. My family, we lead a pretty messed life – good kids, good relationship, good friends, great sex and financial security.  But my wife has been going through a bit of a challenging period.  Within a couple months, there was a work setback, a relationship setback w a friend and a health issue.  These are all things we’re not uses to dealing with.  Yet, at the same time, we have a lot a super positive elements of our lives.

So last night, we both made a pledge (it was an idea in the book) to, even night, list three things from the day that were happy.  For me (we are on a southern vacation with inflows now), my three were

  • our youngest daughter was at her most mature and helpful today – cheerful, helpful around the house, super fun as we played pool volleyball and did her ‘vacation homework – yes, I’m an ogre, I assign vacation homework – with keenness;
  • our older daughter really, really didn’t want to come swimming with my other daughter and I. I had to make her come and she was unhappy about it  Yet, as soon as she got in the pool she did not sulk but played joyfully with us for about an hour
  • My wife’s parents are happy and in great spirits – not always the case so its great to see when they are.

Life and All Its Pleasures

A friend recently asked me why I thought sex was important. It shocked her when I told her it wasn’t.

“Are you kidding me?”, she said. “You’ve told me you have sex most days, you blog about it, you seek out friends that are into sex. How can you say sex is not important?”

She was correct… to an extent.  I do love sex and I love other people who love sex.  But that does not make sex objectively important.

What I think it is important is that people pursue their pleasures.. whatever those pleasures might be.  I broadly categorize people into two categories – ‘joyful’ and ‘joyless’. And I love joyful people. My wife has always been a bit flabbergasted by some of the people I like spending time with. I have a friend who is obsessed with steampunk… and at ur age that can seem a little odd.  Anther – a totally geeky guy who loves building model helicopters; he had the most elaborate, fully functioning models that he would take months building and then flying.

And other people – the joyless – people so caught up in their day-to-day busyness. This people bore me to tears.  Dinner parties where parents take turns bragging out their children’s accomplishments – kill me now.  Or – worse – where they complain and worry non-stop about how dangerous the world is becoming and how much better it was in our youth – kill me twice.

So.. yes.. I love joyful people.  I certainly have a penchant toward those who love sex… I certainly do.  But, really, any happy, energetic person will suit me fine.