When does it Become Prostitution?

A close female friend of mine recently announced to be that she wants a 'patron'. She was referring to victorian times, when most of the major artists and entertainers had someone who provided for them financially, so that they could be free to work on their craft... be it painting, music, writing. My friend is a … Continue reading When does it Become Prostitution?

Sexy Saturday Night Discussion

As you head into your Saturday evening dinner party, or date or party... its good to have a few discussion topics ready in case the conversations starts to drift into boring territory.  A couple suggestions that came up recently that I found fun to chat about if you could indulge more in any vice without … Continue reading Sexy Saturday Night Discussion

Our Favourite Sexual Positions — Surprisingly, No Surprises.

When it comes to sex, we can all agree on one thing... thanks to the internet, we have an unprecedented ability to experience sex in any and every conceivable variety. If there is a kink, a sexual act or a sexual position that you can imagine ... you can see it on the internet. Given … Continue reading Our Favourite Sexual Positions — Surprisingly, No Surprises.

Float Therapy… or ..spending an hour in a dark tank of water ‘relaxing’.

In our eternal quest for new ways to entertain ourselves, my wife and I have 'float therapy' a try this weekend. What is float therapy, you may ask.  The officials line is "Floatation therapy happens within our state of the art sensory deprivation or isolation tanks – constructed to remove external stimuli like noise, light, odor and … Continue reading Float Therapy… or ..spending an hour in a dark tank of water ‘relaxing’.

Would you Sext

I have recently discovered just how ubiquitous sexting is.  I was out with friends recently and the question came up -- 'how many have sent naked photos of them selves or explicitly sexy messages?' For both questions, all hands and the table shot up. Personally, I was surprised.  I knew sexting was a thing.  But … Continue reading Would you Sext