Free Porn Day

Do you remember, when you were little and the ice cream truck would roll up,  with its bells ringing, throwing out free ice cream treats to all the kids lined along the streets.

Of course you don’t because life was never that good.  But hold on to your hats, because on Sept 8, 2016, the ‘adult’ ice cream man cometh.  110 online porn sites have agreed to make Sept 8 Free Porn Day.

Yes, you heard me correctly. For 24 hours, 110 premium porn sites will be completely free – no money, no credit hard numbers requested – just 24 hours of free porn.

I will not pretend to be a porn expert, but from my quick perusal of the participating sites, it looks pretty damn good:

  • Hot Movies – this is normally a pay per minute site and seems to have everything you could imagine in top name, premium porn
  • Sweetheart Videos – this is one I know a bit… very beautiful, high quality girl-girl porn.  My wife and I have watch their videos and they are awesome
  • Viv Thomas – this is a very high quality blend of dirty and erotic videos
  • Adam and Eve and Vivid – you don’t have to be a porn connoisseur to know these are amongst the biggest brands in the industry.

This comes at an important moment for the porn industry.  The treasure trove that was the professional porn industry has seen its margins decimated by free streaming sites and amateur porn. It’s ironic that when porn is finally enjoying a level of mainstream acceptability, the studios are struggling economically in a way they have never struggled before.  The path back to profitability for large studios is not obvious given the popularity of the free streaming porn sites.  But giving the public a chance to see their wares for free  – and hopefully determine that the quality offered is sufficiently better than that of the free sites – is a good idea and a good start.

As for me, I probably will not be amongst the millions who will book the day off work and settle down for a marathon viewing session with my box of kleenex and favourite  lube.. I don’t have that kind of endurance :).  But, come the evening of Sept 8, you will likely find me in front of the computer seeing what the brave new world of paid porn is all about.

How Low Can Ryan Lochte Go?

No one would disagree. Ryan Lochte’s Rio 2016 Olympics were a debacle. He lied about being mugged when in fact he actually vandalized a gas station. He’s been dropped by all his major sponsors costing him about $2 million.  And, oh yeah, he didn’t swim very well; is only medal was as part of the hyper-strong US 4×200 freestyle relay team.

But, from adversity is born opportunity.  Apparently, the sex toy maker Autoblow2 has offered to sponsor Lochte. The deal – a $10,000 sponsorship if Lochte will pose with their auto-felator. I checked out the website. It looks pretty sweet.  A man inserts his penis into a sleeve-type device, and rings of beads then move up and down your penis… until you win the gold (thats a euphemism for orgasm :)). So, yeah, it simulates an orgasm.. from someone with a month full of plastic beads.

Personally, I hope Ryan takes the deal.  The male sex toy business lives in the shadow of its female equivalent.  The publicity this deal would (and has already) generated would be a lot to help with ‘male sex toy invisibility’.

So Ryan, we beg you, sink just a tiny bit lower and become the next Mr Autoblow2.

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex

If you’re a parent these days, its easy to get worry.. hook-up-culture, sexting, tinder.  You’d worry your kid was hooking up with every Tom, Dick and Sally in town.

Well, a new survey – a good one, from a reputable academic – published in a 1st tier journal, and with 33,000 respondents – has found that millennials are having less sex than their parents did at that age.

  • The average millennial will have only 8 sex partners in their life.. compared with an average of 11 sex partners for baby boomers.
  • Only 7% of millennials have sex 2-5 times a week, while 49% have gone without sex for at least a year
  • And 1/3 of millennials in their 20s has never had sex.

This is shocking… and pretty much runs counter to everything we read in fear-mongering parenting magazines.

So what’s up?  There are a few theories floated in the research:

  • millennials are busy.. working, studying .. they simply have little time for sex
  • millennials like their porn and video games… rather than finding sexual partners millennials (especially the male variety) prefer sitting in their basement playing video games and, when the mood hits, watching some porn
  • And the most interesting theory — millennials are simply too risk averse.. they have been raised to be very sensitive and to fear risk.. and getting involved with someone risks them getting hurt.

This may seem like pretty whimsical stuff, but there is an important message I think.  Social media, parenting magazines, even the mainstream media – they seem obsessed with convincing us that our kids are growing up in a sex-crazed and sex-dangerous world.  This is simply not the case.  Sure there are dangers for our kids and of course they will experiment sexually… but lets keep it in perspective – they appear to be far more cautious than we were… and we made it through those tumultuous years.

Is it Possible That Swingers Are the Happiest People in the World?

As I enter middle age, I have come to a few conclusions: (i) the middle-aged, professional, parenting class is extremely busy and overly consumed with their day-to-day responsibilities; (ii) this makes them pretty darn negative and boring (unless you enjoy talking about schools, your kids and playground drama); and (iii) swingers completely defy (i) and (ii).

My wife and I were out last night with friends who have confided in us that they are swingers, and with anther couple we did not know, but who are also swingers.  It was just drinks at a downtown bar, so nothing sexy.  But here is what we found:

  • They are really, really positive and happy people.  They really like one another, they have adventures together (non-sexual as well as sexual) and they have a happy disposition;
  • They talk about really interesting things. Sure, there was some discussion on kids, but much more on politics, current affairs, a little on religion and lots on travel, adventure and fun shared experiences
  • They really, really like one another. We’ve all been in (far too many) situations where it is clear that a couple has a lot of long built up resentment toward one another that expresses it a multitude of ways – a snide comment, avoided topics of conversation, subtle (or not so subtle) criticisms. These people really love and respect each other.. and sincerely love one another company.

Are inherently happy, interesting, well rounded people drawn to swinging OR does swinging make you happy, well rounded and interesting… I suspect its the former but one conclusion is irrefutable… they are great people to be around.

Nothing Says Summer Like Skinny Dipping

Personally, any excuse to get naked works for me.  But nothing is quite so fun and liberating as being at a summer barbecue and hearing the call to naked swimming… especially the it is from someone you would never have expected to initiate.

This was our experience last night.  At a picnic with friends, just as the sun was setting.  The wife of a good buddy – a woman I would never has imagined as the skinny dipping type  – started talking about how much she used to love skinny dipping with friends.  That was all it took, and within 5 minutes all 8 of us were in their pool.

It was truly fun.  A bunch of middle aged couples swimming around naked. All innocent and harmless and really, really fun.

So, what would it take you to partake in a little skinny dipping with friends:

  • would you do it simply if asked
  • would you need to feel it would not lead to sexual behaviour
  • or would you want it to lead to a sexual dynamic
  • would you think about how your spouse might feel – would they want to join, would they be upset that you were doing it
  • would you worry about others knowing or finding out
  • or would you simply go for it??