22 Minute Hard Corps – Days 3 and 4

Its been an intense couple days in the new workout program. And I’m feeling the effects in both good and bad ways.

Tuesday was cardio 1 and core 1. Having done each of these before, it was not too bad.  But having had a beer with my guitar instructor 20 minutes before my workout made the workout feel harder than it had to

The Wednesday… resistance 1 and rock climbing.  This was a bear (as Tony Horton would say).  My wife and I rock climbed – hard – for an hour and a bit.  And to finish it off we did Resistance 1.  There’s not other way to put it.. this was really tough.  But good tough. My muscles and core both felt exhausted.

So, we seem well underway. The next step, that we will figure out on the weekend, is how to integrate an eating/nutrition plan into this.

Living Up to Your Own Sexual Expectations

Is there any bigger libido killer than feeling that you are disappointing your sexual partner?

I was chatting with a friend last night about the dismal sexual drought she is going through with her husband. For the last couple years they have had sex infrequently, and increasingly, the few times they do have sex are unsatisfying. And not necessarily for the reasons you would think. She said that when they finally carve out time for sex, they have such a sense of expectation, that if its not off-the-charts multi-orgasmic, its is disappointing. She said they both place so much pressure on the other to enjoy the experience so fully that they both have a lousy time.

Science backs this up.  A study at the University of Kent found that women who perceive that their sexual partner is imposing a standard of sexual perfection on them will suffer low self esteem and enjoy sex less.

So what does this mean, practically:

  • don’t make your partners orgasm (or orgasms) your ultimate goal.  There is little that creates more pressure than constantly asking ‘did you cum? are you getting close?’. Or even worse, cheerleading them on ‘I want to see a great big orgasm’. Do all the things that make them feel good and just allow the orgasm to happen (or not);
  • don’t constantly ask your partner if the sex is good for them… or if it feels good or if x, y or z makes them hot.  This can take them out of the moment they are enjoying;
  • allow mediocre sex to be ok… its still better than spending an eventing watching Seinfeld reruns.

22 Minute Hard Corps – day 2

Just finished Resistance 1. It was hard — thats what she said!  Lame 30 Rock reference joke aside… it really pretty hard.

The 3 sets of 5 exercises, in and of themselves were fine.  It the 15 sets in 20 minutes that kicks your ass. The five exercise – push ups, squat thrusts, pulls ups, chopper lunges and sit up punches – are each pretty reasonable. I’m actually surprised there were not more combination moves that either hit multiple muscle groups our engaged the stabilizer muscles… and maybe there will be in Resistance 2 and 3.  But the very minimal rest given between sets means that the workout really builds over the 22 minutes.  And the end – about 1:30 of sprint and push ups… killer.

My body was pretty tired afterwards and doing cardio and core again tomorrow will be a challenge – but this isn’s suppose to be easy.

Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys… fleshlights, butt plugs, cock rings… I have to admit I have never tried any of these.  But over drinks last night with friends, the topic came up.

It started innocently enough.  One of the women made a joke about her vibrator.  Another confessed that she didn’t own one, while my wife proudly said that she had three and would highly recommend each one of them, depending on you mood that evening.

But then the topic turned to male sex toys.  And none of the guys had any experience whatsoever.  So, it begged the question of the sex toy double standard.

I consider myself extremely sex positive and pretty experimental.  So why have I never given male sex toys a try.  I’ve considered it and wanted to, but the honest truth is that none of them appeal to me.  Maybe I’m being closed minded but:

  • the fleshlight or cock sleeve – it seems big, bulky and I can’t see it being as responsive and accommodating as my hand. I simply don’t see the pleasure it would bring;
  • the butt plug – my wife is really not into anal stuff or ass play.  She is the first to admit that it is a mental block.. she considers it icky.  But I’m curious about it, so maybe this is something I should try on my own.. but I wouldn’t say I have a burning desire, which is likely why I haven’t done it yet
  • the cock ring – no excuse here.  While I don’t think it will transform our sex lives, I have no good reason for not trying this.  My wife and I even bought one at a sex show last year.

So… 2 of 3 I would consider, yet never have.  Why?  I suspect it is a combination of (i) a mild taboo and prejudice against male sex toys (they just don’t seem as mainstream as female sex toys) and (ii) a lack of excitement over what they’ll bring to the game.  Since Sex and the City and the Rabbit, female sex toys have promised a second coming (cumming) of sexual excitement; male sex toys, while perhaps mildly enhancing, offer no such Christ-like promise.

Today’s resolution… within the month, we’ll use the cock ring.  I will also buy a small butt plug.  The fleshlight, however, will stay on the shelf.

22 Minute Hard Corps – The Beginning

Still in the honeymoon phase with Tony Horton’s latest – 22 Minute Hard Corps. Yesterday I did the day 0 fitness test and the day 1 program (cardio 1 and core 1).

First the fit test. It went well.  I’ll share my results just to give a base of reference for the next round of fit test in 4 week:

  • pushups in 1 min:  49
  • squat thrusts in 1 min: 28 with 2x20lb dumbells
  • pull ups: 9.5
  • jumping jacks in 1 min: 96
  • forearm plank hold: 1min 43 sec

Overall, I feel I’m starting in pretty good condition but would like to lose a bit of weight and increase strength a little bit.  On the weigh-in and measurements, my weight is 188 and my overall inches (from chest, waist, hips, both arms and both thigh) is 202 inches.  Ideally I would like to get my weight down to 175-170 and lose about 8 inches (although I have no idea if this is realistic given I’ve never really tried to lose weight or inches before).

I also did the first workouts yesterday.  Cardio 1 was an awesome workout – 22 minutes of very intense (but doable) cardio moves. For those familiar with the Beachboy programs, I would say it is a cross between Shawn T and PIYO – lots of squats, lunges, jumps, burpees… An excellent overall cardio workout with some toning benefits for legs and butt. Next was the 11 minute core workout.  It was an excellent work out, but I find core hard, so I will delay saying much on it until I master the moves.

To add to the day, I rock climbed with my wife and kids later in the afternoon.  It was fun, as always – some guys had a slack line set up outside to celebrate the start of spring.  But, I must say, my body was a little tired and I am feeling the effect of the double workout this morning.  I have Resistance 1 later today… it may be challenging.

New Fitness Plan – 22 Minute Hard Corps from Tony Horton

Time for a new fitness goal.

The rock climbing competition season is winding down and it seems like a good time for a new fitness goal.  As much would have it, Tony Horton and Beachboy have just released their new fitness program – 22 Minute Hard Corps.  It is a military bootcamp style program, 6 days a week, with each days efforts being 25-45 minutes.

I have loved Ton’t previous programs – P90X, P90X2, X3 – and when I committed to the full 60-90 days of the program I was seeing good results.

This program seems slightly less intense than the others, but I plan to add in a couple of rock climbing sessions a week (because I would miss rock climbing too much). So, with this, I am hoping for impressive results.

My goals.. and for me it is mostly about have a better rock climbing season over the summer and through the comp season next year (and looking good… I am still somewhat vain):

  • lose about 10-15 pounds
  • improve strength and muscle endurance
  • feel and look more toned… so lose a few inches (about 10 overall)

I would say, I am starting from a pretty good fitness level.  But i know i have to be lighter if I am going to do better at climbing (its a tough sport for an old guy like me) and a little more strength would certainly help.. especially though the core.

Not that this will be of much interest to those who normally read m blog, but I thought I would post on who things are going periodically.. .more to keep me accountable than out of any real interest on anyone else’s part.

So, today is day one.. pre-program fitness check, a cardio and core workout… and a little rock climbing with my kids to round it out.