Have a Sexy Halloween

When I was young, Halloween was a holiday for the young. The adult role in Halloween seemed limited to staying at home and giving out candy.  And limited candy intake later in the evening. Well, times have changed.  These days Halloween is every bit as much for adults as it is for kids.... perhaps more so.  And … Continue reading Have a Sexy Halloween

News Flash – Happily Married Women Have More Sex

I read an interesting article recently on Huffington Post comparing the number of times women in happy marriage have sex with the number of times that women in unhappy marriages have sex.  Not surprisingly, those in happy marriages have sex much more frequently than those in unhappy marriages -- 11 times a month versus 4 times a … Continue reading News Flash – Happily Married Women Have More Sex

Is a Porn Renaissance Possible?

What can porn producers learn from a small Canadian boutique airline have in common? A lot… but they better learn it quickly. Have you ever flown on Porter Airlines? Probably not – it’s a small Canadian airline catering to business travellers. Bucking a trend of cutting costs and services in the airline industry, Porter launched … Continue reading Is a Porn Renaissance Possible?

Why Was Porn Better in the 70s?

There are some things you simply cannot rush. A good meal, a finely aged bottle of wine…. and a good prono. I’ve been experimenting a bit lately with 1970s versus 21st century porn and I’m finding our current vintage a bit wanting. Despite the bad production quality and awful acting, there is something about 70s … Continue reading Why Was Porn Better in the 70s?

Globalized Free Trade and Threats to Sovereignty

Alert – Policy Wonk Post Canada and the US have recently signed onto the Trans Pacific Partnership – a massive agreement to liberalize trade between North America and Asia. For the political right and economists, it represents the next big step in globalized free trade and all the economic efficiency that comes with it. For … Continue reading Globalized Free Trade and Threats to Sovereignty

The New Monogamy

Sexting, unlimited online porn, Ashley Madison, snap chat... The opportunities for sexual exploration seem limitless these days. What's a couple in a committed, 'monogamous' relationship to do? Firstly lets accept the legitimacy of monogamy.  As a society, we are increasingly realizing that monogamy is not for everyone and that non-monogamy is a perfectly legitimate relationship mode. … Continue reading The New Monogamy