What Makes a Sex Show Sexy?

Arriving back at our hotel in Amsterdam, just having seen one of Amsterdam's infamous sex shows, a question runs through each of my wife and my minds -- was that sexy? For those not familiar, Amsterdam's red light district boasts three 'world famous' sex shows -- all within a block of one another in the … Continue reading What Makes a Sex Show Sexy?

Sex, Culture and Sport – the perfect vacation

My wife and I are doing something very indulgent - we're heading to Europe for a long weekend (actually a Thursday-Monday with her staying on for work afterwards).  We take the red eye tonight and are just brainstorming how to get the perfect mix of our favourite vacation activities - experience the culture, stay active, … Continue reading Sex, Culture and Sport – the perfect vacation

Women and Lesbian Porn

Did you know.... women are 400% more likely than men to do a web search for the term 'lesbian porn'. Last year,  free online porn streaming site Pornhub began a collaboration with Buzzfeed to analyze viewing habits of their users.  The result - Pornhub Insights - a fascinating series of reports on the porn watching habits of Pornhib … Continue reading Women and Lesbian Porn

The Rich Drive Differently Than We Do

Have you ever felt that the rich are different?  Not just materially, as in the cars they drive and where they live and vacation.  They're different in subtle, almost imperceptible ways... a sense of confidence, an arrogance. Want proof?  Join me someday at my daughters' private school at drop off time.  Normally my kids bike … Continue reading The Rich Drive Differently Than We Do