An Amazing Sensual First (part 2)

I posted yesterday on an amazing sexual experience my wife and I had last weekend, with a close female friend ( In a nutshell, after a long flirtatious buildup and desire on all sides, an evening of dinner and then drinks at our place turned into long, sensual makeout session between my wife and our … Continue reading An Amazing Sensual First (part 2)

An Amazing Sensual First

Don’t you love it when your expectations are completely exceeded? My wife has long fantasized about being with a woman. Not just any woman... but a very particular woman. She wanted to be with someone she liked as a friend, someone attractive and someone who was sincerely attracted to other woman. The first and last … Continue reading An Amazing Sensual First

Never Too Late for New Sexy Adventures

Is there something sexually that you've always wanted to try? Something out of your routine that has always seemed a little titilating. Unfortunately, many people reach a stage in life where they think its too late to try new things.  Not True! It is never too late to try something that has always intrigued you. … Continue reading Never Too Late for New Sexy Adventures

Breasts: Real or Purchased – Love ’em All

What do you think of fake breasts?  Please reconsider, upon reading. As I mentioned in previous posts this week, I am currently on vacation at a sexy resort my wife and I love in the Caribbean.  It is a luxurious beach resort with all the 5 star amenities that is also clothing optional and extremely … Continue reading Breasts: Real or Purchased – Love ’em All

The 1 Marriage Mistake You Might Be Making

Great advice from one of my favourite bloggers


Even if you’re happily married, you still may be making one major mistake that could cost you your marriage in the long run!

It’s probably something you don’t even realize you’re doing or perhaps you do, either way, learn why you may be doing this critical mistake & find out how to stop it!

Here’s The 1 Marriage Mistake You Might Be Making.

Learning My Lessons,


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8 Resources to Get Better Sex-educated

Excellent resources


No matter how you feel about sex you cannot deny it’s significance. None of us would be here without it. Whether you are a sex-positive individual with a roaring libido and tons of experience, if you’re curious but ignorant, or somebody just starting out on a sexual journey of discovery, everyone benefits from understanding sex better. It’s inescapable – even if you are not sexually active, or perhaps a-sexual, sex affects every aspect of the human experience. My sincere hope is that all the sex going down in and around people’s’ lives is safe, healthy, pleasurable, and most importantly consensual! The better educated we all are on the subject, the more we make that dream the reality.

I compiled this list of resources because each has taught (and entertained) me during my own journey to becoming the sex-positive, knowledgeable, unashamed-ly erotic woman writing this blog for you now. Each one is fascinating and…

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