Would You Try A ‘Nakation’?

The number of Americans taking naked vacations is on the rise.

While the numbers are, admittedly, pretty hard to nail down and verify –  according to a TripAdvisor survey, there has been a significant increase in the number of people that would consider, and are actually indulging in, naked vacations.

Is this surprising?  That more people are vacationing naked? (My own bias – I think its a great thing; I Iike nudism and naked vacations). But am I surprised their popularity is rising?  I don’t know.

– On the one hand, the cynical side of me feels that society is becoming more polarized and judging. If this is the case, I would think that nudism may be repressed. But this cynicism is, I hope, unwarranted and just a bi-product of my fixation on politics and political news media.

– The more optimistic side of my spirit likes what it sees. People seem less hung up about unimportant differences and choices.  Young people, especially, seem much more tolerant of differences amongst us… different cultures, sexual orientation, beliefs… it all seems ok.  And with this, if you like to vacation naked – go for it — I may join you!

So, would you do it?  Go on a ‘nakation’? As I said, I have. My wife and I did it once on a lark and have since been back to the same clothing optional report 8 times.  There is something completely relaxing, distressing and freeing, the moment you drop your clothes.

9 thoughts on “Would You Try A ‘Nakation’?

  1. We’ve been on many a nude vacation mainly on camping trips,but also to the water park at Alton Towers. Its fun even for us at 40/50+ just a natural time away with no sexual overtones at all. My advice to everyone go for it !

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