Extra-Marital Friendships

We all need a life and interests distinct from our 'coupled' life.  Research is increasingly showing that couples with friends and interests that are distinct from the friends and interests they share as a couple have stronger and more enduring relationships. You become more interesting and fulfilled if you have interests and friends that are … Continue reading Extra-Marital Friendships

Sex Talk with you Partner

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We all have sex, but we hardly ever talk about it. We all have opinions about our experiences and questions about our delivery but instead we go to sleep in silence. Sex is an activity designed to give pleasure. How will you know if your partner or yourself is getting what each desire, if you don’t talk about it.

I will say, that this conversation will not be an easy one. Choose a time when it makes sense; just after having sex is a goo time and you can start with the following:

  • What about our current sex life do you enjoy?
  • Is there anything you would like me to do to bring you more pleasure?
  • Is there anything that I do now that you do not particularly like?

Now make sure it is a discussion and after your partner has answer, offer your answer to the same question even if…

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Sex: Why It’s Good For You

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What do we want? Sex! When do we want it? OK, maybe not right this second -that might be a little inappropriate 🙂 Anyway, studies into sex show that it can have many health and well-being benefits for you, isn’t that great?

Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Be Having More Sex!

Stress Relief

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Yes Ladies. No need to reach for any anti-anxiety medication- sex is the cure! Recently we discussed that hugging releases oxytocin the happy hormone and findings show that so does sex. Not only this, but it also releases the hormone prolactin which is responsible for relaxation and sleep, so it is not surprising that many people fall asleep straight after doing the deed. Don’t bother renewing your prescription for sleeping tablets, just have more sex.



Sex is a great form of exercise. You can burn as little as 5 calories a minute by taking part in what is now…

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3 Tips for Gracefully Declining Sex With Your Partner

Sometimes sex just isn't on the table. The reasons are many and known - tired, not in the mood, not feeling well.  But the solutions to this bear discussion.  All too often the response to temporarily mis-matched desire for sex is frustration and a little bitterness .  And the more often one partner is refused, … Continue reading 3 Tips for Gracefully Declining Sex With Your Partner

Weekend Sexy Discussion Topic – Taking 50 Shades to a Better Place

As you prepare for your weekend, if you are seeing friends and want to try some sexy of edgy discussion, how about... Imagine a scenario... you've just watched 50 Shades of Grey with some friends (let's say you are with two other couples). It is the first time one of the other couples has been … Continue reading Weekend Sexy Discussion Topic – Taking 50 Shades to a Better Place

Valuing Freedom

Do we value our freedom? Are we willing to pay (literally or figuratively) for this freedom? Well.. yes and no. This post is a little off-topic for me... but it's something I have been thinking about since Canada's recently introduced legislation to protect against terror threats and a play I saw recently (Stuff Happens) about … Continue reading Valuing Freedom