How to have more sex in 2015: 7 New Year’s sex resolutions

Some good advice


AD_155426138.jpg Hooray, lets have lots of sex (Picture: Getty)

Want better (and more) sex in 2015? Of course you do.

While other people are making dull and predicable New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get a new job and take up a new hobby, why not make some resolutions with your partner?

Sex is healthy, helps you relax before that big interview and is fun, so it practically is all your New Year’s resolutions rolled into one anyway.

Here’s some New Year’s sex resolutions to consider – the resolutions you may actually want to stick to.

1. Get to know your own body

How can your partner please you if you don’t know how to please yourself?

Some people, and I’m looking at you, ladies, still have hang ups about vibrators and solo sex.

Nobody’s watching, you know (well not at this stage, anyway).

Start off with a bath, a rude…

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P90X3 – A New Beginning

Injuries have made this a rough autumn. First it was a sprained ankle and then a pretty badly pulled muscle. But things are looking up again, so I’ve been thinking about how to quickly make up of the fitness I’ve lost through the past few months.

So, I decided, back to an old friend.


I really liked it (and the results) when I did it last year, so I have decided to do another cycle. So far

– Sunday – Total Synergistics – felt great (I had been doing it occasionally with my foot injury)

– Monday – cross country ski (too nice out to work out inside)

– Tuesday – Agility and Yoga – this was a good challenge and it was tough.

– Wednesday – The Challenge – WOW! My numbers were awful (7 and 15) but I got it done and did the bonus round. That said, it was a good reminder that I have work to do

To the few (very few) who may be interested in my progress I will continue to post on this journey.

Sexifying the Holidays

Christmas is great. But staying on your in-laws house… with your brother-in-law’s family (and the inlaws)… that’s not great for the sex life.

How do you make your holidays – and your sex life – as fun as possible in these trying circumstances. I have three tips:

1. Settle for a quickie. No matter how busy you are and how crowded the space, you can find 10 minutes of privacy. It may not be your ideal, but ducking into the bathroom together, even just to stick your hands down one another’s pants for a quick release, can be what it takes to get you through the evening of aunt Betty’s boring stories about the war.

2. Get away on your own. Your family doesn’t need you 24/7. Take a couple of hours and get out of the house – together – and decompress and reconnect. If it leads to a blow job or mutual masturbation in the car or a quickie in Barnes and Noble’s bathroom all the better. But at least take the time to enjoy one another.

3. Manage your expectations. Maybe the sex won’t be great over the holidays, but the time with family and friends will be.

Enjoy it!

Canada’s New Prostitution Laws – What’s Really Going on in the Northern Liberal Bastion

Canada’s new prosecution laws came into force this weekend. So, as of Saturday, purchasing sex and sexual services in Canada is criminalized.

The new laws represent a far more aggressive and draconian approach to criminalizing prostitution than had previously been in place. This is ironic, since the old (less criminalization-aggressive) prostitution laws were recently struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada as a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Not surprisingly, reaction from civil liberties groups has been “Typical Stephen Harper/Conservative approach – you don’t like me violating your civil right, well I’ll violate them some more”. Reaction from the legal community has been that the new laws will fail again in the courts and, once again, get struck down as a violation of the Charter.

So, what the Hell is Harper up to? When the old laws were struck down, making prostitution and sex work in Canada legal and calling for regulatory oversight and frameworks, most commentators were saying this was a pretty decent outcome. Canadians largely felt sex work should be legal with some sort of regulatory oversight to ensure safety and minimize nuisance. The smart money, at the time, would say Hell would freeze over before you saw a Canadian politician try to introduce new prostitution laws.

Yet, less than 12 months later, Harper introduces the most aggressive prostitution laws the country has ever seen. They clearly will not work – they will neither protect sex workers (they will make it more dangerous by driving it further underground) and they won’t stop prostitution (because, well, nothing stops prostitution – that’s why its the oldest profession). And, perhaps most importantly, the laws themselves are illegal. As soon as someone challenges then in the courts, they will be struck down.

So, again, what’s he up to? Politics, of course. He is mobilizing the vote in advance of next year’s federal election. By introducing laws that are draconian and in violation of the Charter (which the current Liberal leader authored), he is forcing the Liberals and the New Democrats to declare themselves on sex work. And here is what will happen.

1. Stephen Harper will take out ads claiming the Libs and New Dem’s want a prostitute on every street corner and the Conservative’s base – rural folks, religious folks and immigrants – will get really angry. And, while they aren’t loving Harper these days, they will rush from their suburban homes, from their 4×4 trucks, form their Church basements and from their lumbar-supported easy chairs and they’ll vote, vote, vote for Harper. They may not like him much, but at least he’s not selling them sex like that rascally Justin Trudeau is.

2. Civil libertarians, young people, and progressive will get really angry. They’ll blog, Facebook, tweet and… well… whatever the hell else these people do to show indignation. They are amazing at showing indignation. They will claim Harper is a dictator, a monster, anti-democratic… All that. And on election day… they’ll stay home. Because voting… that’s so ‘the man’.

Well played Stephen Harper. Well played.

Once He Was the King of Spain… Now He Eats Humble Pie

Interesting factoid — Jian Ghomeshi, the disgraced CBC Radio personality, was once in the band Moxi Fruvous. If you’re not Canadian you have likely not hear of Moxi Fruvous, but in the 90s they were a fantastic alt/folk group with a number of really fun hits.

King of Spain was a hilarious parody about a guy who had been a prince in Spain and moved to Canada where he worked a series of menial jobs, like driving the zamboni for the Toronto Maple Leafs. One of its best know lines…. “Once I was the King of Spain, Now eat humble pie. Once I was the King of Spain, now I work at the Pizza Pizza.” Like the King, Ghomeshi has fallen. Look for him next, serving slices at your local fast food restaurant.