Can A Good Guy Make It As A Politician?

A good friend of mine is running for local elected government this fall. Six months ago he made the (huge) decision to leave a very well paying, very socially prestigious and very secure job to run for elected office.

Shortly after making his decision, he found out that the incumbent – a well liked but over the hill ands tired lifer politician – decided that he would re-offer. Unseating an incumbent is tough, especially in local government, but despite his employer asking my friend if he would reconsider and return to work, my friend held firm. He is running.

In the six months since that decision, he has worked tirelessly knocking on doors (10,000+), attending local events and meet and greets of every conceivable type, and getting active on social media getting his name and his ideas out there.

And he is a great guy. And I am quite sure say this objectively – we are good friends but not lifelong buddies. He is as fair-minded a person as I have ever met (his first decision was to accept no corporate of union money for his campaign). He works hard. He cares deeply about making his community work and he believes strongly in government playing a balanced role in both setting direction and balancing interest.

In short, he’s just the type of person we need in government.

Due to his hard work, its looking like he has a pretty good chance. But I am curious to see if he can get anything done. Or if it will change him. It seems that lots of politicians go in with good intentions and lots of intelligence. But somehow they either lose direction or lack the ability to get anything done. I certainly hope this is not his fate.

So… here’s to hoping.

A Sexy Assignment

Are there simple things we can do to bring sexiness into our day-to-day lives?

At a dinner party this weekend, after dinner over drinks, we were talking about how to bring fun, flirtation ands sexiness into our everyday life. We weren’t talking about big/bold acts… just simple, practical things you could do during the week that would be a little sexy or flirtatious. Ideally, they are things you could do on a workday – when you would normally be in a professional/non-sexy mood – to bring a little spice and to keep you [just a little bit] sexually aware throughout the day.

So, I told people I would role out some of the better ideas in my blog over the next few weeks, and see if people were willing to try them.

Just for fun … if you’re bold enough… your assignment:

Tomorrow – Tuesday (or the next workday after you read this) – be very deliberate in your choice of underwear. Wear something very sexy and, at some point during the day, allow just enough of it to show so that colleagues can know you are wearing something sexy. A caveat: don’t be so deliberate that it seems your trying to flash the office… just a little slip so that it seems they have accidentally found out you’re a sexy underwear wearer.

11 Reasons You Should Be Having More Orgasms

Our Better Health

The Huffington Post    By Renee Jacques    Posted: 11/05/2013 

Clearly, we don’t need to convince you to have sex. It’s hard-wired into our brains to propagate the species. And anyway, it feels pretty awesome. But here’s more good news: Having an orgasm could help improve your health.

One of the main reasons orgasm feels so good is because your brain releases the pleasure hormone oxytocin when you climax. Oxytocin is also called the “love hormone” because of its important role in facilitating social bonding between humans. Most of the following points revolve around the release of oxytocin. Read on to discover eleven ways achieving an orgasm can make your life so much better…

1. Orgasms relieve stress.

In sexologist Beverly Whipple’s book, “The Orgasms Answer Guide,” she cites a study done by Carol Rinkleib Ellison in 2000, in which Ellison interviewed 2,632 women between the ages of 23 and…

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A New Fantasy

The other night, my wife shared a sexy little fantasy that, frankly, surprised her a bit.

She had just arrived at work, after having biked in. She works on an upper floor of an office building and she was in her office changing her clothes. Just as she removed her shirt, she turned toward the window and noticed a crane operator working on an adjacent building. He was staring right at her, in her bra and panties. She immediately moved to another part of her office, out of his site, but the thought of him seeing her – watching her – stuck with her all day.

She said she was surprisingly turned on for the rest of the day at the thought of him watching her change. It isn’t something she thought would appeal to her, but throughout the day, she imagined herself going further…. This is the fantasy part, she said she wouldn’t ever go further for a variety of reasons including personal safety… but the fantasy really appealed to her in ways she hadn’t thought it would.

That evening, at home, she recounted the story and the fantasy of taking things further. She was obviously getting hot thinking about it and the sex afterward was amazing.

A hot new fantasy.

A Monthly Lingerie Surprise

Like many, on or about the 15th of each month we can count on a few regular deliveries – the credit card bill, the gas and water bill, the phone bill, etc… you know the drill.

But recently we added a new monthly delivery – underwear. A company out of British Columbia, Canada – - offers a service where they will deliver a new pair of panties to your home each month. Fun!

The way it choose between everyday panties or a higher end signature line. You then stipulate whether you want thongs or full back or a combination. Finally, you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. And then, once a month, you get a sexy surprise in the mail. So far, the service is only women's panties but one their website they have hinted that men's may be coming.

'That time of the month' has taken on a new meaning for us. On the day the envelop comes, we will have a glass of wine, chat and flirt and then eventually she will unveil this months surprise. Always a great time.

Finding Love (Or Lust)… Hard Work, But Worth It

I have a female friend who is accomplished in so many ways. She is a partner in her consulting firm, she runs half marathons and plays competitive tennis, and she is a great daughter to her aging father. Yet, at 40 years old, she has no love interest and has not had sex in years – many years.

When we hang out, it is clear that both love and sex are things that she wishes were in her life. She says that the one way that her life has very significantly not lived up to her expectations. She says she always so herself married and with a happy family (as she had growing up). It is obvious that she is sincerely saddened by the likelihood that this will likely not be her future.

So, what’s the problem? In every other aspect of her life – work, athletics, friends, family – she puts in a 110% effort. When she decides she wants something she puts in effort, doesn’t get discouraged by setbacks and she meets her goals.

But not with love and sex. She tried online dating once, but after two so/so dates she gave up on it. She has had a few friends set her up on dates – I set her up on one a few years ago – but when they didn’t click perfectly on their first get together she cut out blind dates.

I cannot understand how little effort she is willing to put into this thing that is clearly a priority to her.

I saw her last night and she asked for help. I have no idea what to tell her.

So… two questions:
– Why is she not putting effort into meeting someone?
– If she is willing to work at it, what should she do?

Advice welcomed!

The Saddest Story Ever

Do you ever worry that human being are complete and utter a&*holes? I usually don’t but every once in a while….

Today is yard sale day in our neighbourhood. My daughter hand-made bookmark and is selling them to raise money to donate to Run For The Cure. Over the past few weeks she has put a ton of effort into making about 30 beautiful bookmarks. At 730 AM she carted them out with a sign that made it clear that all proceeds from her sales where going to charity. The price – 3$ each or 4 for 10$.

7:30 – no sales
8:00 – no sales
8:30 – no sales
9:00 – no sales

I will admit to a certain prejudice and snobbery when it comes to yard sale. Principally as a child, but also as an adult I have been forced to spend my fair share of time at yard sales. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I generally find yard sale aficionados to be rude, cheap, intensely materialistic and unkind. While they bought nothing, in their defence a number of people were very complementary about the bookmarks and what she was trying to do.

So, what’s a good father to do? I walked up the street, found a guy who looked nice and reasonable, explained what my daughter was doing and her lack of success, gave him 10$ and asked him to go buy four bookmarks from her.

10 minutes later I returned to the stand:
Me: “Any Luck?”
Daughter “A bit; I sold 1”
Me: 1?
Daughter: “Yup… a guy came and bought one; I have three dollars to donate.”
Me: “That’s awesome”