Why the internet needs more porn – and it needs to be much better


9 photos of new Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan topless Why do male porn actors never look like THIS? (Picture: Calvin Klein)

By all accounts we are all a bunch of wankers.

Roughly 94 per cent of London men and 66 per cent of women watch porn (presumably the missing 33 per cent of ladies are too busy reading 50 Shades knock-offs).

Porn has become part of everyone’s sex ‘education’ – although we shouldn’t patronisingly assume viewers can’t tell the difference between acting and real life (if you think the average skin flick features genuine female orgasms you are definitely still a virgin or simply rather dreadful in bed).

Still, porn is influencing real sex lives – from daft expectations about pubic hair to unrealistic sex acts themselves.

So why does the internet need more porn? Essentially because the majority is boring, sexist crap that is not only misinforming people, young and old, about sex but arguably putting lives in…

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Sex-Positive Parenting


This Is What Sex-Positive Parenting Really Looks Like

The above article is a fantastic read! As a future parent I hope I can be so cool and collected about sex with my kids. How my parents treated my fascination with sex as a kid still affects me, sometimes I still feel like I’m doing something wrong when I have sex and I’m 22! I’ve been with my boyfriend for years and I consider him to be the one that took my virginity so by most standards I’m doing this ‘right’ but I still feel guilty about it. It’s not just weird for me because of my past rape and abuse but because, as a child, I remember getting yelled at for touching myself and exploring my body, probably because it freaked my parents out and they didn’t know what to do. I mean they probably thought their little girl was…

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Cheating and Kids

I read an interesting stat recently that couples with children are twice as likely to commit adultery as couples without children (http://bit.ly/1rV38L0). I found this a little surprising, naively or romantically thinking that the responsibility to the family and the bond created by kids might suppress urges to wander. But then I looked into the … Continue reading Cheating and Kids

Would You Let Someone Watch?

Kinsey had said that all of us have some combination of voyeurism and exhibitionism within us. A (completely true) story I heard recently tested the limits. Friends of ours - a couple - were at a party at a cottage. Everyone was drinking a fair bit and the conversation turned to sex - as it … Continue reading Would You Let Someone Watch?