Sexy Saturday Discussion

ImageFor your sexy Saturday night, why don’t you share with your partner the first time(s) you masturbated.  What did you used to fantasize about, how often did you do it when you started, did you think it was wrong to be doing it.

It leads to some fun and interesting discoveries about your partner. For instance, I learned that my wife started masturbating relatively late (while in university) but had an intense summer where she seemed to do it almost constantly.  I, on the other hand, started younger but without the intense ferocity of others my age.


In Search of Quality Politicians

Up here in Canada, Senator Patrick Brazeau has just been arrested (again) for sexual assault and domestic violence, on top of an ongoing police investigation into fraudulent spending as a Senator. At least three other Senators are caught up in the expense investigation. 

How did someone like this get appointed to Canada’s Upper House? It was a political payoff for Brazeau having delivered his urban Aboriginal constituency to the Conservatives during the last election.  

Great way to determine who gets to give “sober second thought” to Canadian lawmakers huh?

There is near unanimity in Canada that the Senate needs to be either abolished or significantly reformed.  The problem – the arcane Constitution requirements for Senate reform make this politically impossible. 

So what to do?

This is a great opportunity for Canadian political parties to show they can have an Adult Conversation on how the country should be governed.  

First, lets agree on what the Senate is all about – it give s as reflective, intelligent second looks at laws made in Canada to make sure that short term politics do not trump long term interests.  They have little actual power, but can often bring issues to public and political light and have had positive effects on many pieces of legislation.

Second. lets agree on how individuals capable of playing this role should be chosen.

As a starting point, they should be bi-partisan. There is enough partisanship in the House of Commons. The Senate could be far more effective if it cast aside party-line loyalties.  Liberal leader Justin Trudeau took a great step when he declared that Liberal Senators were no longer ‘liberals’ but simply senator. Senators should be neither Liberal nor Conservative, but silly Senators.

As we move forward, and consider new Senators, Senate appointments should remain political, but bipartisan. Some have called for an elected Senate, but this creates the real fear that they become a second Parliament empowered by their electorate to make, recreate and strike down legislation.  The potential for US-style gridlock is too real under this scenario.  

Instead, a Standing Parliamentary Committee, made up of equal number of members from all major parties, and possibly some stakeholders, could become responsible for Senate appointments. They should be bound to a set of principles and criteria that at least tip the balance in favour of intelligent, thoughtful, experienced individuals capable of the oversight and responsibility they would be given.

The Canadian Senate is important.  Appointments like Patrick Brazeau defeat the whole point.

50 Amazing Facts (For People Who Enjoy Amazing Facts)

Duck Duck Gray Duck

Cliff Clavin 101. via Mental Floss

Dr. Ruth was trained as a sniper by the Israel Defense Forces. Dr. Ruth was trained as a sniper by the Israel Defense Forces.

1. In 1943, Philip Morris ran an ad acknowledging “smokers’ cough.” They claimed it was caused by smoking brands other than Philip Morris.

2. In the 1970s, Mattel sold a doll called “Growing Up Skipper.” Her breasts grew when her arm was turned.

3. Michael Jackson’s 1988 autobiography Moonwalk was edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

4. Kit Kat flavors available in Japan include wine, sweet potato, wasabi, and soy sauce.

5. Only female mosquitoes will bite you.

6. At the 2010 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift won more Grammys (4) than Elvis did his entire career (3).

7. At Fatburger, you can order a “Hypocrite”—a veggie burger topped with crispy strips of bacon.

8. Dr. Ruth was trained as a sniper by the Israeli military.

9. In 1999, Furbies were banned from the…

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The Fear of the Unknown

on taking risks and reaping rewards…


In life, every time we make a decision, we are opening one door…and closing another.

As humans, we tend to stick to things, people, habits, occupations, and scenarios that are comfortable and familiar.

If you’re used to misery, you may seek out misery.

If you’re used to abusive men or women, you may continue to seek those people out as partners.

If you’re used to being passive, you may never hear your own voice or make your own decision.

If you’re used to being pampered, you may seek out things and people that will continue this pattern.

Whatever the case may be whether it’s a good or bad habit/behavior/attachment style…

Making any type of change– small or big, can take days, minutes, months, or years, depending on the situation and the person.

Sometimes though, no matter how afraid we are, we must take the chance and make a change no…

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P90X3 – Round 2

ImageI recently finished a 90 day circuit of P90X3. Aside from bungling the 3rd block because of travel and a little sickness, it was fantastic.  I was really happy with the results – my goals had been (i) increase strength and body shape – this went really well and I feel and look stronger than I have in years; (ii) lose weight – I only lost about 2 pounds, but this is ok; I didn’t have too much weight to lose and i did increase muscle mass; and (iii) improve my rock climbing – I saw definite improvements here and this was, really, my most important goal.

So, my wife and I have decided both decided to do another round.  Once again, i will update progress via this blog. I can imagine this is is of little interest to most of my readers but I find it motivational to feel some accountability this way, so bear with me.

We had had about a 2 week break. The first five workouts – total synergistics, Agility, Yoga, The Challenge and CVX proved tougher than I thought they would be.  I am still recovering from a 9 day flu/cold I have so I may be a little weak, but I was surprised at how sore I was after 5 days.  Today is a double – rock climbing and warrior so I am a little worried.