Why Are There No Sugar Mommies

asugarbaby's diary (a great blog by the way) wrote an interesting post today on whether there is a female version of a sugar daddy. (http://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/64586302/).  She believes, and I agree, that while sugar daddy arrangement are increasingly common, sugar mommy equivalents are incredibly rare.It made me wonder why.  Here's my theory...There was a study done … Continue reading Why Are There No Sugar Mommies

Effects of Pornography

In the age of easy-access porn, the impacts that pornography has on its consumers is hotly debated.  I haver expressed the view before that I believe porn, when used responsibly and in moderation, can be a healthy part of person or couple's sex life. Moreover, I think many of the negative consequences often associated with … Continue reading Effects of Pornography

Does Anyone Have Sex Like They Do On TV?

I was watching the latest episode of True Detectives last night (great show, but spoiler alert, so read no further if you are watching but have not seen episode 6 yet).There is a scene where Woody Harrelson's wife comes to Matthew McConaughey's house.  She walks in the door, they exchange less than a sentence, they … Continue reading Does Anyone Have Sex Like They Do On TV?