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P90X3 – 1st day of block 2 – Eccentric Upper

Eccentric movements - an explosive movement on the muscle contraction (eg. pushing up on a pushup or pulling up on a pull-up) and a slow release (the downward part of a pushup or pull-up) apparently results in a  40% improvement in muscle recruitment.  I did my first workout last night based on this principle and … Continue reading P90X3 – 1st day of block 2 – Eccentric Upper

Who Wants a Threesome More?

A threesome -- it's every guys fantasy and according to surveys done, a majority of women fantasize about it as well. But there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. Given this, why have the vast majority of couples, then, not had a threesome?  I giess fantasies are one thing, and acting on them … Continue reading Who Wants a Threesome More?


very hot erotic poem

pushing our limits

Internal alarm clock,
Doesn’t register the day,
Awakens me quietly,
With thoughts of play.

My warm, naked skin,
Feels alive inside,
Soft, sweet smelling sheets,
No rules to abide.

My fingers explore,
Hot, ample breasts,
Pinching tight peaks,
Biting lip through tests.

Love the link between,
Pebbled points and core,
Continue rolling and squeezing,
Until those tips are sore.

My hands stroke down,
Silky, soft, sensitive skin,
Between scalding, damp thighs,
With delectable thoughts of sin.

Wet, swollen lips encase,
Delicate folds drenched in silk,
Love’s glorious fuck button,
Begging for pleasure to milk.

My quiet sighs turn to pants,
As I tease and please and squeeze,
Hips becoming impatient,
Rise aloft to height of knees.

Pushing into my haven,
Fullness and tightness collide,
One, two, maybe three,
Wriggling, pressing inside.

Catch myself from moaning,
Spouse I wish not to wake,
Though his fingers are much better,
Best left for…

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