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P90X3 – 1st day of block 2 – Eccentric Upper

ImageEccentric movements – an explosive movement on the muscle contraction (eg. pushing up on a pushup or pulling up on a pull-up) and a slow release (the downward part of a pushup or pull-up) apparently results in a  40% improvement in muscle recruitment.  I did my first workout last night based on this principle and loved it.  The X3 Eccentric Upper workout is a great, intense 30 minute combination of pushups, pull-ups and a few shoulder, bi and tri moves thrown in.  I was very well worked out and tired but not dead by the end.  I think its going to work.

Who Wants a Threesome More?

Unknown-4A threesome — it’s every guys fantasy and according to surveys done, a majority of women fantasize about it as well. But there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. Given this, why have the vast majority of couples, then, not had a threesome?  I giess fantasies are one thing, and acting on them quite another.  But why?

In my experience, men and women often differ significantly in their willingness/desire to pursue a threesome in real life. I have no data backing this up,  but my guess is:

1. While both men and women are intrigued by the idea, men actually want it a bit more.  In my experience, and I have discussed this with quite a few people, most women who say they would like to try a threesome seem to be open to it if the perfect opportunity fell into their lap.  But this is unlike.  Lining ups  threesome takes work and most women will not prioritize this very high and they therefore ‘never get around to it’. Still, you may ask, why doesn’t the guy do the work if he wants it more and is willing to put in the pace work? This leads me to:

2.  While both men and women may want a threesome, men are far more flexible in the exact form the threesome would take. Again, no data here but lost of conversations, women want the perfect threesome, with the perfect third and the perfect ambiance and, and, and.  Guys are far more likely to take the first willing partner they want.  This leads to a ‘planing fatigue’ situation where the guy can’t get the threesome off the ground and eventually stops trying.  So, why the female quest for perception; either they really do have higher standards or:

3. The threesome is better as a fantasy because in fantasyland there is no risk. I have wondered whether women, inherently, are less likely to engage in activities that may jeopardize the relationship.  In terms of evolution, once a partnership is formed, the woman has much more at stake in preserving the relationship than does the man (historically, the man provided her welfare and protection; she would be at serious risk if he left).  Threesomes, even great threesomes, are risky to a relationship.  Women may be less keen to takes these risks and, therefore, look for reasons not to make them a reality.

Next Post: if you do manage to decide to try a threesome, how to make it an awesome one.

P90X3 – Week 4 measurements

P90X3_3I have finished the first block of P90X3 – the first 3 weeks and the 1 transition week – and did measurements this morning. So, before commentary, here are my numbers:

Weight: lost 1lb;

Chest:  minus 1/8 inch

Stomach: minus 3/4 inch;      Waist: minus 1/4 inch

Butt: minus 3/4 inches;       Thigh: minus1/4 inch

Biceps: unchanged

I was hoping the measurements would be a bit better and that I would have lost a little weight.  That said, I am certainly feeling stronger do I still feel the program is working really well.  For the next Block I think I will try to focus a bit more on diet, as I have eaten healthily over the past month, I have not been trying to stay within any set calorie limits.


very hot erotic poem

pushing our limits

Internal alarm clock,
Doesn’t register the day,
Awakens me quietly,
With thoughts of play.

My warm, naked skin,
Feels alive inside,
Soft, sweet smelling sheets,
No rules to abide.

My fingers explore,
Hot, ample breasts,
Pinching tight peaks,
Biting lip through tests.

Love the link between,
Pebbled points and core,
Continue rolling and squeezing,
Until those tips are sore.

My hands stroke down,
Silky, soft, sensitive skin,
Between scalding, damp thighs,
With delectable thoughts of sin.

Wet, swollen lips encase,
Delicate folds drenched in silk,
Love’s glorious fuck button,
Begging for pleasure to milk.

My quiet sighs turn to pants,
As I tease and please and squeeze,
Hips becoming impatient,
Rise aloft to height of knees.

Pushing into my haven,
Fullness and tightness collide,
One, two, maybe three,
Wriggling, pressing inside.

Catch myself from moaning,
Spouse I wish not to wake,
Though his fingers are much better,
Best left for…

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