Planning Your New Years Eve

As you think about this evening, whether you are going to a party, hosting just hanging out with a partner or friends, here are a few things to think about

– serve or bring an original drink – it is -25c where we live so we are going to bring tropical strawberry cocktails to help make it seem a little summerier

– where an outfit that is a little sexier than you would normally wear, including sexy underwear and tell at least three people what underwear you’re wearing

– come up with a few topics of conversation that will liven up the party; make sure one or two of them are sexy topics that are appropriate to the crowd, but push their boundaries a bit

Have a great time and a happy New Years 

P90X3 – Day 6 – Warrior

ImageJust finished my first week of the new P90X3.  The last workout of the week – Warrior – was fantastic; probably my favourite of the week.  It is a workout Tony Horton designed to do with the military and he has been doing it at US military bases all over the world for the past years.

The basic structure is 4 rounds of 4 moves – one strength w core, one cardio, one core, one plyo.  It then ends with a suicide round to really exhaust you at the end.  It was a perfect example of a HIIT – high intensity interval training – workout.  I was very tired by the end, but overall felt really good.

One week into the new P90X3 I am feeling stronger, but can see I still have some way to go to feel really fit.

P90X3 – day 5

ImageI just finished my fifth day of the new P90X3 workouts.  The program is 6 days on, one off, so this was the fifth workout in a row.  Unlike X1 and 2, I was not overly sore or exhausted by this point in week 1, so either I am coming in better conditioned (I don;t think so) or X3 is not quite as intense (more likely).

Today was CVX – a cardio workout with weights.  It was an amazing 30 minute workout – possibly my favourite so far in the X3 series. The workout was pretty much a non-stop series of 1 minute rounds of various cardio moves – mostly lunging or jumping – with weights that usually moved across your body to engage your core in a strength movement.

I was very winded and tired at various points and was sweatier at the end of this workout than any of the X3 workouts so far.  As said, I would give this one a 9/10.

Sexyifying Your Relationship – 101 Nights of Great Sex by Laura Corn – 1

A couple years ago my wife and I bought a book called 101 Nights of Great Sex.  The ‘book’ was 100 envelopes – 50 for a man and 50 for a woman.  Each week, the man and the woman would each choose one envelop that described a sexy activity they were to do with their partner over the course of that coming week.  They were to keep it secret until the unveiling.  

I thought I would share, over the course of numerous blogs, some that we tried and liked.

So, one I remember really liking.  One Tuesday night, after the kids had gone to bed, my wife had set up a chair in our bedroom closet.  She told me to sit in it, with the door slightly ajar so I could see most of the room.  She left and returned 5 minutes later in a small white tank top and panties.  The sat on the bed and got out an issue of Penthouse magazine and began leafing through it. For a few minutes she just read the magazine and lightly stroked her nipples and pussy through her clothing (what there was of it).  She then proceeded to reach her hand inside her panties (one of my favourite things to watch).  I could tell form the gyrations, that she was getting very into it.  I know she enjoys porn and masturbation so I knew she was enjoying herself, but I think the idea of me watching made her even more turned on.  As she read more of the magazine she became more aroused, eventually lost her underwear and moved to full masturbation.   After 15 minutes or so she achieved a major orgasm.

On of my favourite things is to see a woman enjoying sex on her own terms (not just to please someone else) so I found this voyeurs fantasy very sexy.  

P90X3 Day 4 – The Challenge

Todays’ workout was a bear — The Challenge.  Obviously design-based on Cross Fit, it is 16 sets of push up and pull ups (different varieties) done in 30 minutes.  16 sets of these heavy-move sets in 30 minutes is a real challenge and I was definitely having a hard time getting decent numbers by the end.

I will be redoing this “Challenge” every week for the next 12 so I will measure my progress throughout the 12 week.  This week, in

– 8 rounds of push ups:  I did 171 push ups, of which 39 were from my knees

– 8 rounds of pull ups: I did 78 pull ups, of which 38 were chair assisted

I finished with 5 suicide rounds (a pull up followed by 3 push ups

Overall, it felt pretty good, but hopeful my numbers will increase over time.