Keeping Up With the Jones’ – Daily Prompt

I have never taken up one of the WordPress Daily Prompts, but I liked this one on asking us to write on that which we covet; things I see others having, but which I lack.  I COVET Martians! Sounds crazy, but let me explainFor me, it is nothing material.  My wife and I have pretty … Continue reading Keeping Up With the Jones’ – Daily Prompt

Educating our Kids on Sex

Sex Ed is certainly a controversial topic, and finding balanced, non-values laden information is not easy.  As parents of two pre-teen girls, my wife and I are trying to come to grips with the correct approach on taking to our kids about sex.  While we consider ourselves very sexually liberated, we also admit that we … Continue reading Educating our Kids on Sex

If the boat ain’t rockin’…

excellent advice…


Rome visit, June 2008 - 57

I often see couples whose relationship has improved to the point that the main tension is gone, who are suddenly afraid to address underlying issues in case they suddenly, “rock the boat”.

Fear that addressing the underlying issues may push the relationship back into turmoil in effect halts the relationship from progressing.  This avoidance approach almost always paves the way for old patterns to return.

I’m not suggesting that you embrace arguing and conflict but I’m also saying not to avoid it.  It’s not the amount of arguing that’s the issue but how the arguing is done!  So, how do I suggest you argue?

Firstly, try identifying what the issue is.  It sounds obvious but we often start an argument by being indirect. For instance saying, “you’re lazy” will almost always result in defensiveness and return criticism.  Instead saying, “it’d make me feel a lot more relaxed and happy if…

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interesting points on speaking to your kids about fitness. I have tried some of them


Excellent article by Brynn Harrington on how to talk to your daughter about fitness. It is important to instill a healthy attitude toward fitness as soon as possible in child development, and to keep that value nurtured throughout their growth. For girls, it is especially important as society pressures them to value the number on a weight scale over their time on the mile, maximum reps numbers, and other numbers that tell them they are capable! That said, her main points are good for talking to ANYONE about fitness! Her main points are:

1.Strength equals self-sufficiency.
2.Fitness opens doors.
3.The bike is the new golf course.
4.Exercise is a lifestyle, not an event.
5.Health begets health.
6.Endorphins help you cope.
7.Working out signals hard-working.
8.If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.
9.Nature rules.
10.Little eyes are always watching.

You can read the full article HERE!

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