Jealousy – What’s It Good For

I had an interesting discussion last night....In one corner, a swinger friend: jealousy is a useless emotion and setting aside jealousy is the key to happinessIn the other corner, an engineering buddy: jealousy has been the motivator of every significant cultural and economic advance in human history.The argument goes this way.  Pro-jealousy folks say that … Continue reading Jealousy – What’s It Good For

The Great Gatsby — The Critiques got it Wrong

I just watched the 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby.  I was not expecting much given the drubbing it got form critiques.  I was very pleasantly surprised.Critiques panned it for being shallow, over sensationalized and placing style above substance.  That was the whole point of the Great Gatsby.  This is the film F Scott Fitzgerald … Continue reading The Great Gatsby — The Critiques got it Wrong