Summer Camp Lesbian Lust

great story by Lana

Lana's Erotica

I guess I always knew that I was attracted to girls. I was never really all that sure though, as I never got to hang out with boys all that much anyway. My mom sent me St Maria’s, which was an all girls school. I had been going there since I was 7. I didn’t have all that many friends at school, but I did have one really good friend there called Crystal. She was older than me by 9 months, so was in a different year, but we were both 17.

campIn the summer that year I really wanted to go to an adventure camp for 2 weeks. They offered rock climbing and canoeing and all kinds of adventure stuff but my mom wouldn’t let me go. She said that there were boys there, and not enough supervision. We fought about for 2 weeks, and then she came up…

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A #Pisco Cocktail for Peruvian Independence Day

a great drink

Señorita Vino

Break out the lomo saltado and the bottles of pisco, chicos y chicas: Tomorrow is 28 de julio, or Perú’s Independence Day ! I know I promised you part 3 in the Canadian wine series, but guess who’s up to her eyebrows in deadlines? So in lieu of the final installment in the Canadian wine series, I present you with a re-blog of a post that was a hit about this time last year: Señorita Vino’s very own “Caipirinka” recipe: A Peruvian twist on a Brazilian classic, with pisco (of course!) as the main ingredient. So shout it with me one more time: ¡Que viva el Perú, carajo! 

Variety, chicas y chicos, is the spice of life, so to add a little sabor to your weekend, it is my supreme pleasure to introduce my latest invention…the Caipirinka. It’s a refreshingly  exotic blend of mangoes, lime and pisco.

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When British indie-rock outfit Easyworld disbanded in 2004 following the letdown that was final album Kill The Last Romantic, it was expected by few that the solo efforts of lead singer David Ford would have been anything but short-lived. But, fuelled by a faithful fan base, Ford has fought to build a reputation as an incredibly gifted singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, talents undoubtedly confirmed with the release of new album Charge.

Despite winning The Sunday Times’ album of the year for self-recorded debut album I Sincerely Apologize for the Trouble I’ve Caused…, Ford began his career living somewhat in the shadows. A (perhaps ingenious) persistence in playing the support for acts such as KT Tunstall, Richard Ashcroft and Starsailor enlisted large, dedicated followings in the UK, America and, bizarrely, Croatia; a third-party only insurance policy that was required for the risks that were to follow.

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The List…

A Fucking Bucket List

My friends are rather odd. And we talk about sex an awful lot. Clearly this led to us creating a bucketlist of sexual activities. some of it’s fairly boring, some of it’s a little kinky, and some of it makes no sense unless you are part of my group of friends.

So I decided to share. This blog is dedicated to that Bucket List, and my attempts to do as many of the activities as I can. I’ll probably add in a few of my own as well, if they make good stories.

Here’s the list, open for editing if I, my friends, or any of you come up with something interesting.

1. Gay Sex
2. Be tied up
3. Tie other up
4. Helicopter/motor boat
5. Sex in a public place
6. Sex outside
7. Sex while camping
8. Go commando for a week
9. Watch another couple

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