Strawberry basil hard lemonade

great looking welcome to summer drink

My life situation since the “Musings of a post-grad life…” post has, unfortunately, not changed – I am still on the hunt for employment. Spending weekdays at home in front of one’s computer, browsing, filling out applications and sending emails may sound harmless and optimistic but it is far from it. It is tedious and nerve-wrecking. What’s more is that being alone with one’s fridge is dangerous. Not only am I making constant trips to the kitchen for snacks (my thighs are already starting to resent me) but I also find myself peeking into the fridge and cabinets with the desire to put my chef’s hat on. Why spend yet another hour staring into the computer when I can be in the kitchen working on my next creation?

Stawberry-basil hard lemonade

This cocktail recipe is the result of me ditching my computer for my kitchen. Don’t judge me – it was past 5pm.

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Sexy/Edgy Discussion Topic #1: Does someone’s underwear tell you something about their personality

My wife and I are often searching for “edgy”or “sexy” discussion topics that we can use to liven up dinner party discussion. In that spirit I am going to begin posting one such topic every day. Please feel free to comment with answers to the questions or other topics.

Edgy/Sexy Discussion #1: What can you infer from someone based on the type of underwear they wear?

Gay Marriage Does Not End Discrimination

Marriage equality does not equate to equality. 

Recent successes in getting recognition of the gay marriage rights make it is easy, and even tempting, to get complacent. There is such euphoria over the sweeping tide of marriage rights victories that we sometimes forget that bigotry and discrimination is alive and well.  There is still a fight needing to be fought.

George Takei FBed this morning the story of a teacher in Ohio who was fired because her lesbian partner’s name was mentioned in her mothers obituary.  Apparently, an irate parent (anonymously) complained to the Roman Catholic Diocese and, under pressure from the diocese, the school terminated the teacher. How many things are wrong with this picture?

First, while I know it happens, the fact that someone is robbed of their livelihood as a result of sexual orientation is shocking and we should continue to view it as shocking; these incidents seem, to me, to have been relegated to “quirky news items – something those crazy religious folks do” – this undermines their seriousness as an affront to a culture that was ostensibly built on free opportunity for all. Secondly, what right does the church have to give any direction to schools. I don’t want to draw false comparisons, but the blurring of the separation of church and state and the desecularization of  government and schools has been seen, many times, to give rise to religious extremism.  

Gay marriage rights are important. But they pale in comparison to the right to live as an equal citizen, with equal opportunity, free from hate and discrimination.

Lets not rest to easy on early victories.

Premier Wynn to Save Experimental Lakes Program

Well done Premier Wynn (Ontario Provincial Premier)!  

Media is reporting this morning that the Premier is going to step in and save the Experimental Lakes program, which was recently cut by the federal government.  

The Experimental Lakes program is lake system in Northern Ontario, Canada, that has been used for years to understand and figure out how to mitigate the impact of toxic pollution on water systems.  This program has been critical to the progress made reducing pollution in Canada and around the world — fighting acid rain, phosphorus loading and endocrine disruption to name but a few example.

Premier Wynn has shown real leadership and deserves credit.