Want to Improve Your Oral Sex – Phone a Friend

Giving good oral sex is not obvious... at all.  While there are some general rules, each person is somewhat unique in what they enjoy in the oral department. For a guy going down on a girl, you need to figure out (i) how much pressure is just right; (ii) where do they like that pressure.. … Continue reading Want to Improve Your Oral Sex – Phone a Friend

Getting your Kink on – a guest blog from my wife

A few weeks ago, in the midst of a steamy sex session, I called my husband “Sir” – to amazing results! To give a little context, I’m a very strong and confident woman, so subservience doesn’t come naturally to me. We have a very active and exciting sex life, complete with toys and story telling, … Continue reading Getting your Kink on – a guest blog from my wife

The Bachelor Party Renaissance

My first bachelor party... I'm 19, and a friend had unexpectedly gotten his girlfriend pregnant was getting married.  The bachelor party - a suite at the Holiday Inn, a stripper (at the time I had no idea strippers did house calls) and a bathtub full of beer.  At that point in my life I had … Continue reading The Bachelor Party Renaissance

Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

In the fantasy recesses of my mind, the idea of video sexting always intrigued me.  Having a glass of wine and chatting sexily as we watch each other become aroused... I like the idea. I was never under the illusions that it would be easy.... keeping a sexy banter and discussion that is stimulating for … Continue reading Video Sex Chatting – hope and hard work

Are you BIG enough?

Guys care about the size of their penis.  A lot. I'm reading Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are, Looking at big data derived from internet searches, the author develops a very sophisticated understanding of what we really care about. And men are absolutely obsessed … Continue reading Are you BIG enough?